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Snyk Security Joins Hands with Neighbourhoodie Software

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Keeping the Software Updated and Secure

Developer-first Security Company, Snyk has recently announced a collaboration with Neighbourhoodie, the makers of GreenKeeper. This collaboration aims to build a solution for keeping open-source dependencies current and secure. Now, the Automatic Dependency Upgrades is included with Snyk Open Source, the industry’s most developer-friendly solution.  Maintaining current and healthy dependencies manually is time consuming, risky and complex. Hence to proactively reduce security risk and performance issues, and to optimize for overall quality improvements, maintaining updated open-source dependencies is important.

Offering a Market Leading Capability

The customers are provided with market-leading capabilities for automated dependency upgrades.  These upgrades enable a frictionless integration into developer workflows. Furthermore, they provide helpful information to inform priorities and decisions, they also help in having control over the pace and volume of updates.

“Our goal has always been to stay at forefront of innovation for developer-centric tooling,” said Jan Lehnardt, CEO at Neighbourhoodie. “Snyk’s dependency upgrade pull requests have automated away loads of manual effort by automatically recommending secure package updates,” said Snyk customer Joe Emison, Cofounder and CTO at Branch Insurance.

The Complementary Partnership

“We needed to find the right partner who shared our vision and prioritize the developer experience the way that we do. We found this partnership with Snyk, and we are excited to be bringing customers an industry-leading approach to automated dependency upgrades and building more secure software,” said Simone Hass, CEO at Neighbourhoodie Software. “By collaborating with the GreenKeeper team, the pioneers in this space, we are delivering an automated solution that helps developers prioritize the most important upgrades and control the pace of all upgrades to ensure the best balance between dependency maintenance and new software development,” said Aner Mazur, Chief Product Officer, Snyk.