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tips to build customer rapport
4 tips to build customer rapport while selling on the phone
Being able to build customer rapport while selling on the phone is arguably harder than during face to face conversatins but it can still be ...
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Effective Communication Strategies for Outsourcing Agile Projects
In the current ever-changing business environment, organizations frequently encounter the need to outsource agile projects in order to enhance their resource utilization and maintain competitiveness. ...
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Esports Marketing: 5 Proven Strategies to Attract New Customers
In today’s digital age, esports have become a global phenomenon, with millions of passionate fans and dedicated professional players. What was once considered a niche ...
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Maintenance Management
Why Maintenance Management Is Essential For Businesses
Maintenance management is an essential part of any business. It’s described as the process of managing the assets and resources of the company while minimizing ...
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Italian Dual Citizenship
How Italian Dual Citizenship Sets You Up For A Lucrative Business
If setting up an international business is on your wishlist, you cannot find a better destination than Italy. You can start easily, grow quickly, and ...
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Wireless Earphones
A Revolutionary change to Noise Transparency in Wireless Earphones
When Apple launched the AirPods in 2016, not many anticipated the technology of wireless earphones to go mainstream. However, wireless earphones have become quickly become ...
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We’ll plant a tree for every pet pic
“We’ll Plant A Tree for Every Pet Pic”: Chronology and Aftermath of the Instagram Trend
On 8 Nov 2021, an Instagram trend bloomed through the corners of popular social media platform Instagram that claimed to plant a tree for every ...
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Google Flights
Google Flights to show carbon emissions of prospective trips
Key Highlights: Google Flights search results will display consumers the carbon emissions of their potential travels. According to Google, the move is part of the ...
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Massive invisible galactic structure discovered by accident
Key Highlights:  Scientists accidentally find massive invisible galactic structures. Astronomers define the vacuum of space as the empty space between stars and planets.  They identified ...
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Business Phone System
5 Features To Look For In An Excellent Business Phone System
In today’s day and age, one of the most important tools in a business is a good, working, and effective business phone system. Because of ...
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Walmart in Mexico unlocks a new marketing strategy
The online growth always proves beneficial for the company. Considering this, Walmart in Mexico has unlocked a new marketing strategy. The store in Mexico called ...
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Sinch partner WIT Software
Sinch partner with WIT Software to accelerate RCS market uptake
Partner to speed up the global uptake of next-generation messaging through RCS Sinch announced a partnership agreement with WIT Software to speed up the global ...
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