Essential Tools and Resources for the Travel Manager

Are you a travel manager? If so, then you know that it can be a challenging job. There are a lot of things to keep …

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Rayna Tours and Travels
Rayna Tours and Travels: From a Small Travel Outlet to a Multi-Million Dollar Travel Company

In 2006, two friends amassed all their fundsand savings to start a travel boutique. But little did they know that it would go on to …

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Advantage of Riding A Taxi
What Is The Advantage of Riding A Taxi

Taxis are the most convenient and cost-effective mode of transportation. You will need to hire a cab at some time in your life, no matter …

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Canadian Train Vacations
Canadian Train Vacations – Here’s All You Need to Know

Canada has been the most promising travel destination for many tourists. When it comes to foreign trips or education, people generally prefer traveling to Canada. …

Read More → is now acquired by the Tech giant ‘Apple’, an autonomous car startup once valued for $200 million, was supposedly to close but Apple acquired the struggling startup instead. A year ago, …

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Take your coffee with you wherever you go

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Add some flair to your relationship: go hiking together

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Facebook embed example

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