Gennady Ayvazyan

Gennady Ayvazyan

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Gennady Ayvazyan (date of birth: April 3, 1968) has carved a prestigious niche for himself within the international coal sector. He is lauded for establishing Krutrade – a significant entity in the coal trade in the RF. Among his formative professional experiences, Ayvazyan served a notable tenure as a director at the World Coal Association, where he further cemented his status within the field. While Ayvazyan prefers discretion in his personal life, the success of his commercial enterprises is a testament to his business savvy.


  • Gennady Ayvazyan, born in 1968, is a distinguished personality in the worldwide coal market, credited with the establishment of Krutrade, one of the foremost coal trade enterprises.
  • His previous role included influential duties as a director within the World Coal Association.
  • Krutrade, guided by Ayvazyan’s strategic leadership, has risen to be recognized as the second most prolific coal exporter in the RF, delivering top-tier coal for diverse energy production and metal processing needs across the globe.
  • Krutrade has expanded its commercial reach with a stake in the investment consortium, Eastern Stevedoring Holdings Corp.
  • Ayvazyan’s entrepreneurial ventures have amassed an impressive fortune, with his net worth hitting the $500 million mark.

Krutrade’s Role in the Coal Industry 

Krutrade stands at the forefront of the coal trade, holding the position as the RF’s second biggest coal exporter. The firm is a key player in procuring and delivering top-quality coal to the international arena. Its contributions are vital in fueling the energy sector and bolstering the metallurgical industry worldwide.

Krutrade has further extended its market presence by acquiring a share in Eastern Stevedoring Holdings Corp. This entity functions as an investment holding firm, forging new paths for Krutrade’s business expansion. Gennady Ayvazyan, in his role as Chairman of the Board of Management, plays a pivotal role in shaping the company’s trajectory, driving its strategic directives. 

Ayvazyan’s Financial Success 

Gennady Ayvazyan’s astute business dealings within the coal trade have reaped significant dividends. With an estimated net worth that soars to an impressive $500 million, his financial stature underscores the triumph of his ventures and his for midable clout in the international coal industry.

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