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Casinos Still Hold
Will Casinos Still Hold Their Top Spot in the Gaming Industry in 2023?

As long as the online casino operators keep things fresh for players, there’s no reason why casinos can’t still hold their top spot in the …

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Pedestrian Laws
Pedestrian Laws: Walking Is Good but May Turn Risky Soon Without Road Safety Awareness!

Everyone promotes walking for better health and a better environment. But like everything else, it also involves some risks. If you read road accident cases, …

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Football Competitions
Football Competitions with the Highest Prize Money

Sports has evolved into one of the most profitable and lucrative businesses in the 21st century. Of all the world sports, football is the most …

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Achieving Entrepreneurial Success Simple
The Brief Guide That Makes Achieving Entrepreneurial Success Simple

Everyone can have a business idea. But that doesn’t mean everyone can be an entrepreneur. Becoming an entrepreneur doesn’t just involve coming up with the …

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David Kezerashvili
David Kezerashvili: An Entrepreneur with a Strong Social Commitment

Until recently, the world has known David Kezerashvili as a remarkable entrepreneur, venture capitalist in finance-related technology, and a real-estate developer insisting on ultra-modern and …

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Leadership Lessons
Leadership Lessons from Shakespeare’s Plays

Shakespeare is one of the most celebrated writers in history. World Book Day is held on April 23 every year to commemorate his death. There …

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Beny Steinmetz.
How Beny Steinmetz Became A Leading Business Tycoon

If you’ve never heard of Beny Steinmetz before, then that’s understandable. He’s a deeply private person who has always maintained a low profile. That doesn’t …

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Bin There Dump That
How Bin There Dump That Rose Above Covid-19

In early 2020, as the days started to grow longer and spring was finally in sight, Bin There Dump That franchises across North America began …

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PR Expert Richart Ruddie
Major Countries Using PR Expert Richart Ruddie To Restore Public Confidence In Global Travel

The Coronavirus pandemic has literally turned our world upside down, impacting every facet of our lives. Almost every industry has faced the virus wrath but …

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Evangelist & Connector
The Game-Changing Power of Everyday Self-Awareness for Leadership and Innovation

I shouldn’t be alive right now. At last count, I have died more than three times but for the grace of modern-day technology and good …

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How To Start a Bookkeeping Business: A Step-by-Step Guide

Imagine getting to set your schedule, work with your favorite clients, and enjoy your work. You can make that a reality by starting a bookkeeping …

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Leveraging Technology
Leveraging Technology for Marketing and Creative Production

Byline:  David Capece, CEO of CROOW The modern marketing landscape is evolving quickly, forcing agencies to pivot and adjust faster and faster. We have known …

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