DreamOnTech’s Joël Guéguen on Pioneering a Global Tech Revolution: From Start-Up to MMA Leader

Joel Gueguen

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  • Joël Guéguen started the beginnings of DreamOnTech (DOT) in 2020 with only four people. Now, DOT has over 500+ in-house freelancers and more than 400 partner companies on five continents, with an average of 85 employees per company.
  • On a mission to save time and money for any company in the world, the company provides access to the best solutions and dream teams to satisfy all their projects, regardless of their budget.
  • Joël decided to donate 15% of the company’s profits to ACDAS (Association Commune Des Actions Solidaires) and other partner associations. He thinks every company can do this, at their scale, and make a positive change in society.

Joël Guéguen is a serial entrepreneur and innovator who has always been passionate about technology and its potential to transform the world. He founded DreamOnTech in 2021 with a clear vision: to create a company that would not only provide cutting-edge technology but also foster a culture of creativity, collaboration, and excellence. He says, “I’ve always put innovation before digital, then R&D before news. In an increasingly uncertain world, it was time for me to realize a dream where people and technology would eventually work in synergy to create a better future. Welcome to the world of DreamOnTech.”

In this exclusive interview with Mirror Review, Joël shares his journey, his philosophy, and his ambitions for DreamOnTech. He reveals how he built a team of experts from different fields and cultures, how he fostered a culture of innovation and collaboration, and how he leveraged the latest technologies to deliver cutting-edge solutions for his clients.

Read on to discover how DreamOnTech is making dreams come true for its clients and employees.

(The following Q&A has been edited for length and clarity)

Mirror Review: Tell us about your earliest experience with the world of business or technology. How did you acquire the skills and knowledge that became the foundation for your success in the industry?

Joël: Ever since I was very young, I had a dream of leading projects and creating my own business one day, while adhering to well-defined ethics, principles, and values.

My journey in the world of business and technology began in 2009 when I was 15 years old. I had just completed my studies at Collège privé Jean XXIII in Tambacounda, Senegal, and I moved to France to continue my education at the Lycée privé Notre-Dame Du Mur in Morlaix, Finistère.

In 2012, after obtaining my scientific baccalaureate, I joined the Université de Bretagne Occidentale (UBO) in Brest, where I enrolled in the Science Pour l’Ingénieur degree program. A few months later, in 2013, I received a certification for my participation in an entrepreneurial project that involved finding tools to raise awareness of entrepreneurship among students.

In 2015, I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with a specialization in Robotics. I was fascinated by the R&D sector, especially the research activities with the LAB-STICC within the UBO. I also appreciated multidisciplinarity and participated in numerous projects during my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

For example, I contributed to the promotion of the International Journal of Engineering and Technology Innovation (IJETI); I created a new design for the game 2048, which was very popular at the time, in Smalltalk programming language for my participation in the ESUG 2014 organized by Cincom Systems; I took part in a scientific publication entitled: Process Assessment Issues in a Bachelor Capstone Project, and so on. Therefore, I decided to pursue my studies further and joined the Information Technology and Software Engineering Master’s program at UBO in Brest.

Then, in 2016, after finishing my Master 1 (Maîtrise), I enrolled in two Master 2 programs simultaneously: Engineering Computer Sciences with INEAD and International – European – Computer Science – IT Project Manager with FEDE, which were in partnership. INEAD was based in Vitrolles and Paris then FEDE in Geneva, Switzerland.

In 2017, when I was 23 years old, I was close to finishing my training and I planned to continue to a doctorate with FEDE. However, I had a lack of time and a resurgent entrepreneurial spirit that prompted me to embark on my research into Serious Games: Education, Training, E-learning, and Innovation.

From 2015 to 2020, I gained valuable experience working in several companies ranging from start-ups to large corporations. I also worked for an ESN and software publishers/integrators.

Mirror Review: DreamOnTech is at the forefront of innovative tech solutions. Tell us the story behind its origin – what inspired you to launch this company, and what problem are you aiming to solve?

Joël: I have always had a passion for entrepreneurship and technology, which led me to pursue various projects and events in this field. From 2018 to 2020, I planned the creation of my company while working as a freelance IT consultant and as the Marketing and Communication Director for the high-end brand VICTORIA GUALICIA (www.victoriagualicia.com), my sister’s company.

I officially launched DreamOnTech (DOT) in January 2021 after initiating it in October 2020. We started with four people at the end of 2020, and today we have grown to over 500.

The idea behind DreamOnTech came from my frustration of not finding an agency that could offer so many services with qualified staff. I wanted to create a unique agency that would disrupt the current IT ecosystem and provide a single point of contact for a range of complementary services to ensure the success of all kinds of projects. My previous experiences in the industry showed me that there was a real need for DreamOnTech, as the global digital ecosystem had not yet come up with a concept like mine.

My vision for DreamOnTech is to save time and money for any company in the world by creating their dream team to satisfy all their projects. DreamOnTech is no longer a startup but the MMA among MMAs! (Multidisciplinary Multi-service Agency).

Mirror Review: DreamOnTech boasts a diverse portfolio of services, from IT solutions to communication strategies. Can you give our readers a concise overview of the company’s core offerings and how they cater to different client needs?

Joël: DreamOnTech is a one-stop shop for digital transformation and visibility, offering a comprehensive range of services at attractive prices and with an international reach. Our goal is to provide the right services for B2B, B2C, and, most importantly, the innovative (head-to-head) H2H approach.

We offer 25 tailor-made services in four main categories:

Specific, web, and mobile development: We create and design websites, mobile applications, and custom software that are user-friendly, responsive, and optimized for SEO and SEM on the World Wide Web.

Digital media and communication: We produce and manage multimedia content, network ad campaigns, audiovisual production, social media, streaming, videoconferencing, customized goodies, and branding for your online presence and identity.

IT solutions and support: We offer cloud computing, cybersecurity, serious games, video games, AR, VR, chatbots, AI, BI editing, GED, ERP, CRM, hardware-specific, embedded systems, IoT, technical and functional support for your IT infrastructure and projects.

Consulting and sourcing: We offer specific coaching and consulting, GDPR compliance, data protection, and customized sourcing for your specific needs and challenges.

We can support various types of clients, including ESNs, startups, VSEs, SMEs, MSEs, freelancers, and auto-entrepreneurs. 70% to 80% of our customers are SMEs and MSEs.

DOT centralizes virtually everything a company needs to enter or improve in the digital age, with high-quality follow-up. The most common problems we encounter are societal ones.

We spend a lot of time informing, discussing, and advising our customers so that we can offer the best choice for their business. Workforce management is always complex when there are several recruitment needs. DOT is here to help.

Mirror Review: Can you elaborate on your “100% tailor-made, 100% reliable, 100% secure” motto? How does DreamOnTech ensure personalized, reliable, and secure solutions for its clients?

Joël: I work only with experienced and passionate freelancers who can provide the best solutions at the right time. DOT strives to have the best profiles to offer high-quality services. Besides our 500+ in-house freelancers at DOT, we have over 400 partner companies on five continents, with an average of 85 employees per company.

Our mascot, “DOTly,” thinks that we have no competitors, only colleagues. You will be surprised by his humanistic side for a robot.

We follow 10 commitments for each of our services: Efficiency / Quality / Personalized advice / Creativity / Responsiveness / Transparency / Meeting deadlines / Team spirit / Productivity / Strategy / Innovation

DOT stands out as a unique polymorphic company with three pillars.

  1. We are an MMA (Multidisciplinary Multi-service Agency) that can satisfy all the projects entrusted to us as a service provider.
  1. We have our own software and hardware products available on the market.
  1. We are an integrator of proprietary and open-source solutions already on the market through our many partnerships around the world, for both hardware and software.

The company is able to intervene in projects that are as much in the development phase as in the finalization phase.

Our expertise in a wide range of services also enables us to meet the growing demand from companies to help them develop the skills of their own teams.

Mirror Review: You have led DreamOnTech’s expansion into new markets and services. How do you make strategic decisions for growth and innovation?

Joël: I play a multifaceted strategic role at DreamOnTech. I am the founder, CEO, CIO, and Global CTO of the agency. When I created DOT, I also developed MethoDOT, a new alternative to the well-known AGILE method.

As the CEO, I balance my time between managing the company, traveling, and engaging in professional discussions.

As the CIO, I keep an eye on the latest technologies and innovations in all our services and oversee our progress in DOT’s R&D/Innovation Center. This way, we can always stay ahead of the curve and satisfy our customers’ needs.

As the Global CTO, I collaborate with the project managers and CTOs involved in each project to decide on the best possible strategy for the technical and functional aspects. We work together to find the optimal solution for a customer, considering their budget, objectives, and market dynamics.

Mirror Review: Brief us on specific process improvements you have implemented or are planning to implement within DreamOnTech.

Joël: All our current processes are based on MethoDOT. It is based on constant improvement of various aspects of our work: communication, feedback, customer satisfaction, team cohesion, and so on. Our goal is to build a professional family, not just a group of people who work together on projects without knowing each other well.

We have many plans for further development. For example, we offer customized training that is out of the ordinary. It can be multi-disciplinary, individual or group, short or long, and as frequent as you wish. Our participation rate is over 99%.

We also provide personalized support for our teams and customers with mentors, psychologists, and life coaches. Moreover, we have a unique game called “Put yourself in the shoes of,” which allows our employees and clients to experience different roles and perspectives for a day or a week. This game aims to foster empathy and understanding among colleagues and partners.

I want to emphasize that all our services are flexible and affordable for any budget. We don’t want you to choose between nothing and something but between something and SOMETHING. That’s why we create multiple packages that offer financial benefits to our customers.

Additionally, we have an R&D and Innovation department within the company that works on all our projects to ensure that we are always at the cutting edge of technology and that our services are of the highest quality, durability, and innovation.

Our approach is to go beyond the initial hopes and expectations of our potential customers. By co-collaborating with them, we can explore an infinite range of creative possibilities to suit their needs.

Mirror Review: You mentioned wanting to “give hope to other young entrepreneurs.” Could you share a personal story of how you overcame adversity or challenges in your entrepreneurial journey?

Joël: My life story is full of challenges and lessons. I faced hatred, jealousy, misunderstanding, and malice from others, but I learned to forgive and love. I overcame the obstacles and became stronger. I want to inspire young people to pursue their dreams and ambitions, no matter how complex life may be. Therefore, I founded DOT to show the way to what’s possible in my own way, support them, and show them the wonders of science, digital, and innovation.

Some people say that love is stronger than anything. However, I’d say there’s something stronger than love, and it’s called hope. I’m just looking to bring hope to young people like me, who will feel a lot better when they see where I started and where I am today.

I’m not interested in power, glory, or might. I want to help my parents, my family, and people in need. They were the ones who believed in me and supported me. I’m grateful for what they’ve done for me, and I want to make them proud. I always keep my word and fight for my goals. Meanwhile, I also want to change the world for the better by setting an example and following ethical principles and values. I think it’s possible to do that as long as we have trust and courage.

Mirror Review: You mentioned, “What you are and what you do are more important than what you have.” Can you elaborate on this statement and what values guide your approach to business?

Joël: I really mean it. I believe that what you are and what you do are more important than what you have. Your personality and actions reflect your values and goals. Some people are unhappy and try to destroy others, but they should build instead. That would make them happier and give more meaning to their lives in general.

I have a complex life, but I find a purpose in it. I don’t care about material things, but about being a warrior, an inspiration, and a hope for future generations. I want to show them that they can start from nothing and achieve great things. I never give up and I always challenge myself and others to do better.

I love writing and reading for creativity. I want to write books to help people prepare for tomorrow’s world. I want to live fully, and fearlessly, and give back to society. I decided to donate 15% of the company’s profits to ACDAS (Association Commune Des Actions Solidaires) and other partner associations. I think every company, at their scale, can do this and make a positive change.

Mirror Review: What are your plans for scaling up your company, and what is the one thing you are most excited about in 2024?

Joël: In 2024, we will launch new « Powered by DOT » products, partner with leading companies, and attempt to establish the structure of our training institute for all disciplines, from kindergarten to doctoral school. We will co-create a global program that addresses the human and environmental needs of the world. We will also urge the French government to renew education in France and globally. Furthermore, we will offer quality hardware solutions such as charging stations, laptops, VR headsets, and 360° screens for both individuals and businesses.

Mirror Review: How do you manage to have a perfect work-life balance? What are your hobbies/interests beyond the cabin?

Joël: Finding a balance between work and life is the essence of being an entrepreneur. For me, I have always been an artist at heart, along with my sister. Since we were young, we have enjoyed singing, dancing, drawing, and being passionate about cinema, video games, and music. These passions are my ways of escaping from the busy life of traveling and managing responsibilities.

I also value reading and writing, especially for improving my language skills. I really need to practice more but I can speak several languages fluently.

Music is a very important part of my free time these days. I love listening to it because it takes me all over the world. I also produce my own music, which brings a lot of creativity to all my activities.

Mirror Review: What advice would you give to young, aspiring entrepreneurs? What essential qualities or skills are necessary to succeed in the business world?

Joël: My advice to young entrepreneurs is to know yourself, analyze the world, learn from mistakes, and find solutions for the present and future. You should also choose where you belong, consider the risks and parameters of your venture, and be aware of fake news and toxic information.

It’s a huge advantage to be able to bounce back from setbacks quickly and always stay confident by moving forward no matter what the obstacles. Because by trying again and again, you’ll find the right solution one day.

Dating is important, as it reflects your choices and lifestyle. You should also lift others up, seek feedback, and avoid partnerships that don’t share your vision. They will waste your time and money. Be inspired by the people who have changed the world with their vision.

Finally, don’t be afraid to speak out and act. Show a different and positive version of the world. Think of the future generations and the urgency of the situation. Appreciate the positive things you can do and replicate them. Be resilient, perseverant, and determined. Anything is possible.




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