The Iconic Revolution of Custom Chinese Takeout Boxes

Custom Chinese Takeout Boxes

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Craving for Chinese food?

The specific aroma, the salivating looks, and the fact that it’s light on the stomach, are enough to win the heart of all foodies out there. But what makes these food items look even more tempting to eyes? Unveiling the SECRET here, it is the packaging. At times, people don’t have ample time to relish their meal within the premises of their favorite restaurant. For their ease, such brands have launched the go-to and handy custom Chinese takeout boxes.

Comprising mainly of folded paperboard that is either plastic or wax-coated, these boxes are known as a popular means of transporting food seamlessly.

With these boxes, one can carry their desired food to their preferred place, and consume it whenever they want. Also called oyster pails, custom printed Chinese takeout boxes have managed to win instant fame in the market, in a very short span.

Before we delve deep into the origin of these boxes, let’s first take a glimpse of what they actually are, and what stands behind their massive demand in the market.


The fact that these boxes can be unfolded into a plate, makes them even more demanded as this style offers much convenience to the customers. Thus, they don’t need to carry any additional crockery with them to consume their meal.

These boxes are designed in a manner to hold the gravies and sauces intact, and prevent them from spillage or leaking. The use of quality material, and a handle at the top, helps to carry the box conveniently to any place one wants.

The need for eco-friendly packaging that is microwave-friendly as well led to the invention of these boxes, and brands as well as customers are totally loving them! In case you don’t know the history behind their evolution, let’s explore it together!


The use of these boxes is most frequently seen in the West, though we expect it to have originated from China, but that’s not true. Mostly Americans are seen using these boxes primarily due to the ultimate convenience they offer.

With custom Chinese takeout boxes, restaurants have witnessed a drastic increase in their overall revenue and food sales, due to the overwhelming response of customers towards this specific kind of packaging that has made their lives even easier.

Adding specific notes or custom messages inside these personalized Chinese takeout boxes helps to make the customers feel extremely special. Thus, they enjoy their overall experience with the relevant brand. This results in rapid sales and more fame for the brand, in the competitive market. These boxes are not just a token for food representation, but instead a masterpiece depicting the Chinese culture, with an immersive journey of transformation.


You might be thinking that these boxes are carrying Chinese food, so they must have a Chinese origin. Hope you will not be surprised to learn that these boxes are an American invention instead of China, taking their inspiration from Origami- the very famous Japanese art. These were created mainly to assist the food consumers and enhance their overall experience while offering them much ease. The idea gained popularity and turned out to be a fruitful choice for all Chinese brands. Most of the time, these boxes use a red-and-white color scheme, which makes them distinctive and invites the foodies to test and try the food. In Chinese culture, red depicts good fortune, and white depicts peace and harmony.


Over the years, these boxes have undergone various changes to meet the varying market needs and help the brand stay competitive in the market. Now is the era of eco-friendly packaging, and these boxes are already focusing on this aspect. The entire making of these boxes encompasses eco-friendly practices, green materials, and a strict focus on sustainability.

Customers also treat such brands as their go-to choice and proudly take part in assuring the safety of the surroundings. As they can be recycled and reused many times before discarding, this proves to be a cost-efficient aspect for brands, as they don’t need to craft entire boxes from scratch.

Boasting a rich history, these boxes truly depict cultural innovation and a remarkable evolution over time. One can simply have a look at them and wonder how simple things can carry such a detailed history and cultural integration. Undoubtedly, these boxes have changed the entire way of transporting food items, offering much ease to both the customers and the brand.

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