Fingernails2Go: Revolutionizing the Nail Art Industry


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In the last few years, technology has played a vital role in revolutionizing industries across the globe. The arrival of advanced technology has invited new players to new innovative ideas in the market. Similarly, the Beauty and Fashion Industry have observed tremendous growth in recent years. There has been a significant amount of technological advancement in various approaches of companies. This has benefited both the companies and the clients.

Addressing the innovative ideas, Fingernails2Go is one of the prominent names in the Beauty and Fashion Industry. The company is one of the few companies that is catering to the future with its digital nail art printers.

In the past ten years, since the introduction of gel polishes, the nail art industry hasn’t witnessed a truly innovative idea. The traditional nail art application at salons requires a lot of time for application. The artists also need to get the proper training to achieve quality results. Even then, the clients can only be offered a limited number of designs and pattern

Distinctive Identity

Incepted in 2012, Fingernails2Go has gained popularity within the industry due to its unique products. The digital nail art printers offered by the company were the industry’s first to be approved by HP, this proved to be subsequently advantageous. Fingernails2Go began to attract customers with its trustworthy manufacturing partners rapidly overpowering its competitors in the industry.

With the recent launch of the countertop digital nail art printer, Fingernails2Go increased the portability and in turn the demand for their product. The countertop model attracts various clients, from salon business owners to models and influencers. The company has now expanded its business to the US in partnership with a salon services distributor.

“To become successful in any business you need to be forward-thinking and one step ahead of your competitors,” says Michael O’ Hara (Chief Operating Officer of Fingernails2Go). The company is now a global franchise that works under the supervision of Michael for the past 7 years. He also believes in working together as a team which has helped the company to achieve in maintaining a constant run of success. He has consistently worked towards future developments and improvements within the company. This has allowed him and the team to involve the latest technological solutions to offers to its franchise partners.

Road to Success

Fingernails2Go in partnership with HP and NewVision has created a printing system that can print different patterns and designs with precision on the curve of a nail. After years of research and development, the organization created a countertop printer and a freestanding printing kiosk.

Since its foundation, the company has been putting in constant efforts to modernize the fashion and beauty industry. Through the initial partnership with HP technologies, it created a state-of-the-art printing system. Later in partnership with NewVision, Fingernails2Go launched its patented design the ‘Digital Nail Art Kiosk’ in 2015. The kiosk prints custom nail art on both natural and artificial nails within seconds. The company provides the most advanced printers approved by HP Technologies and is also in compliance with EU and FDA regulations.

Over the years, the company has also created an extensive library of preset patterns and designs for its customers to choose from. Both the freestanding and countertop models offer the ability to choose from the library. Fingernails2Go has also created a dedicated app that can be used to upload customized designs as well as pictures.

‘Trust’ gained by Quality

Fingernails2Go projects the strength of its product, with its franchisees. The company aims to expand its franchise globally. The distributors and owners are together setting the standards for high-quality digital nail art. Franchising and licensing have proved to be a successful formula for many industries across various domains. Given the uniqueness of the product, numerous beauty distributors, entrepreneurs, and salon owners from around the world are willing to join the company in this new and exciting revolution in the beauty industry. Fingernails2Go has claimed high levels of interest of potential franchisees from countries including Korea, the USA, Ireland, and other countries. “Having the benefit of first-mover advantage and offering a world-class product or service can be the difference between being a trendsetter or a late follower,” says Michael.

Partnership with reputed technology companies has created a crisp perception of the organization around the world. The franchisees are assured, knowing that Fingernails2Go works with reliable manufacturing partners. Their collaboration has provided the world’s only fully compliant nail art printers.

With no competition in the market and an ever-growing library of designs and patterns, the end products are always new and relevant for customers. Fingernails2Go has received several appreciation and recognition awards over the years. The most recent of them being the “LUXlife Health, Beauty & Wellness Award for the ‘Best Nail Art Tech Company”.

Minimal Interaction increases Demands

The concept presented by Fingernails2Go had already gained global recognition before the outbreak of COVID-19. Now as the end of the pandemic is in sight, global economies are reopening businesses, along with that investors are seeking possibilities. The company is already noticing a surge in inquiries and sales globally. The technology offered by Fingernails2Go allows the owners to provide a high-quality service to their customers in a fraction of time, with reduced physical interaction. The product perfectly blends with the new norms created for the COVID-19 pandemic. These digital printers have gained popularity among owners as well as their clients.

What does the future hold?

“With the recent launch of our Countertop nail art printer, we are excited to bring Fingernails2Go to the beauty sector globally and have just announced our newest distributor, Salon Services for the USA,” said Michael.

Fingernails2Go has always looked to create an energetic culture within the company. It has always focused on quality. When it comes to partnering with world-renowned companies like HP or creating a productive workforce, the company has worked with only the best. It aligned the best sales, marketing, and training team to empower every single step towards success.

As Fingernails2Go plans to expand its business footprint to various countries it aims to maintain the ‘quality’ that they deliver. The company expects a surge in demand in the next few years, as technology is playing a major role in revolutionizing numerous industries. Post pandemic, Fingernails2Go aims to conquer and revamp the beauty industry, with their product which is a perfect example of, ‘when beauty meets technology.’


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