Aleksandr Kretov’s Holistic Business Approach 

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Kretov Aleksandr, shareholder at the Ariant Group of Companies, has spent over 25 years in the food and drink industry, exemplifying a distinguished career as an entrepreneur and seasoned manager. His professional journey mirrors that of a visionary leader, seamlessly integrating business acumen with a steadfast commitment to social responsibility and sustainable practices.

One of Kretov’s fundamental principles: “Tomorrow begins today. There won’t be a scenario where you wake up one morning living your dream life; such a life begins to build itself through your daily actions.”

The early chapters of his life unfolded in Chelyabinsk, where the foundations for personal growth and strategic vision were laid. In 1989, Kretov Aleksandr started his academic journey at the Chelyabinsk Polytechnic Institute, choosing to delve into Electrical Engineering. Five years later, armed with a degree in the discipline, and driven by a keen interest in finance, he furthered his education. In 1996, he successfully completed a specialised university course in Finance and Credit, emerging as a qualified economist. This educational foundation empowered him to take his initial entrepreneurial steps.

In 1995, Kretov Aleksandr assumed the role of project leader for the construction of the Center for the Food Industry – Ariant in Chelyabinsk. Presently, the enterprise is well-equipped with high-performance machinery and maintains a large dealership network.  In the early 2000s the company invested in agrofirm Yuzhnaya, situated in the prestigious wine-producing Krasnodar Region. 

Kretov reflects on the challenges the company faced: “When we entered the grape growing industry 20 years ago, it turned out that there were very few vineyards. At that time, an anti-alcohol campaign was underway, leading to increased alcohol prices, restrictions on its sale and the removal of vineyards. Starting from scratch, we lacked nurseries for seedlings, necessitating their purchase from abroad. Equipment and specialists were non-existent. The only inspiration was the land, enabling us to cultivate quality grapes and produce exceptional wines. This prompted our decision to develop a full-cycle production here.”

Today, the Ariant Group of Companies holds a leading position in innovation implementation, actively investing in cutting-edge technologies and vineyard development. Managing over 13,000 hectares of land on the Taman Peninsula and near Anapa, the company commands a 32% share in the Krasnodar Region’s total vineyard area. The company’s nursery, the largest in Europe, annually produces six million grafts and over three million seedlings, representing 67% of the region’s seedling production.

In 2016, Kretov assumed the role of CEO at Agrofirma Ariant, specialising in meat production. Demonstrating managerial prowess, he modernised technical and technological processes, ensuring its future growth into a leading meat production enterprise. 

His successes marked the beginning of a trajectory that would see him transition into the position of a shareholder within the newly established Ariant Group of Companies in 2020. This consolidation united various Ariant companies, bringing cohesion to the entire food and drink production sector.

While Kretov is no longer directly engaged in the Group’s day-to-day operations, his strength lies in nurturing a robust management team. He emphasises: “Success is not a solo act. It’s the result of a collective effort, a team united by a shared vision of progress.” This underscores the significance of collaborative leadership in achieving sustainable success.

Beyond corporate endeavours, Kretov’s commitment to excellence extends to philanthropy, particularly in supporting youth sports and healthcare initiatives. This holistic approach to success aligns with his belief that a thriving business is intricately connected to the well-being of the community it serves.

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