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Over the last decade, peoples’ lives have shifted from a physical dimension to a digital world, where a majority of transactions are concluded online. Internet-based platforms are the major drivers of this technological shift as they stand at the heart of today’s digital economy. Due to the numerous advantages provided by online platforms such as–easy access to information and content, a larger variety of choices, real-price competition, new businesses, etc.–almost all the economic areas have been touched by online platforms, in one way or another.

The food industry is no exception to this shift. The online food industry has witnessed steep growth over the past few years–proving millions of consumers are keener on having groceries and meals delivered at the press of a button rather than wasting their time in discovering grocery shops and restaurants. As the competition among the delivery businesses is increasing, companies are getting oblivious to providing good customer service. Thus, countries such as the USA are seeking a food delivery business that makes customer service its priority.

Companies such as Time to Eat Delivery are catering to these needs with their team of experts having more than two decades of experience in the food delivery industry. The team creates a customized, turnkey restaurant and grocery delivery business, trains its clients, helps them train their drivers with incredible customer service techniques, and walks with them as they grow and expand. “Restaurants love working with our clients because they know their customers are being treated well,” says Desiree Malek (Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Time to Eat Delivery).

Addressing the Big Picture Issues

The leader plays a significant role in setting the company’s direction, managing the processes, and driving it towards growth. Being the CEO of Time to Eat Delivery, Desiree has ensured the company keeps up the progress and has been instrumental in its success over the years. Catering to the needs, she laid the foundation stone of Time to Eat Delivery.

Desiree worked hard from starting with her two five years-olds. She quit a good job with the government as a grant writer to have a large staff of amazing people. Leading Time to Eat Delivery, she concentrates on the big picture issues and makes sure the company is keeping up with the other delivery companies so that the business it creates for its clients looks as corporate as its peers.

Wide Range of Services

At Time to Eat Delivery, the team of experts helps its clients create their websites, apps, and purchase their software. The team also provides the clients with marketing materials, advertising, social media & SEO, licenses and permits, merchant accounts, videos, etc. While this system is created in 4 weeks, the company teaches its clients every aspect of the system to enable them to operate themselves.

Time to Eat Delivery also sends a representative to the clients’ area to help them build partnerships with the local restaurants. Even after sending the representative, the company continues to help its clients grow and expand. “It is generally that first couple months you will need us. It’s just like a job. You’ll get it down after a bit but at first it can be something you need to learn,” says Desiree.

Providing In-depth Assistance

The aspect that sets Time to Eat Delivery apart from any other delivery business franchise is that it is not a franchise.  The business it creates is the clients’ business structured to their vision. The company neither collects any royalties nor does it have the authority over the clients’ operation. “We don’t want that because our clients are so different in area, how much money they want to make, and personal drive,” adds Desiree.

Time to Eat Delivery works with clients that have made $200k in their first-year profit and others that are fine with $60k their first year. The company walks with the clients every step of the way and produces a turnkey business that includes everything. Its team of experts works in marketing, logistics, design, operations, and several other areas. Desiree adds, “This kind of in-depth help does not exist to our knowledge. Not at the level we give it. And if you need five years down the line, we are there for you. No cost.”

The Happy Delivery Philosophy

Desiree believes that delivery is now a way of life. The pandemic forced people who might not have ventured into trying a delivery service to do so. People are eating differently in these unprecedented times and restaurants are even going to ghost kitchens as more people are expected to get food delivered at their places than in sit-down eateries in the future.

As a delivery company, the growth of Time to Eat Delivery has been incredible. As the delivery market is set to grow exponentially in the upcoming years, the company also anticipates steep growth. It is launching campaigns in the UK and Canada this year –from which it expects big things.

The company has always been encouraging its clients to be the best delivery company and compete with the best in the business. Desiree believes in paying the staff better and treating them better. Expecting the best, Time to Eat Delivery gives the same philosophy to its clients as they start their own delivery business—“Happy delivery is not just a motto. It is a way we do things.”

Time to Eat Delivery

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