Pedestrian Laws: Walking Is Good but May Turn Risky Soon Without Road Safety Awareness!

Pedestrian Laws

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Everyone promotes walking for better health and a better environment. But like everything else, it also involves some risks. If you read road accident cases, you may realize that pedestrians often pay a hefty price for being highly susceptible to accidents. One of the studies in the past showed that some intersections proved pretty dangerous for pedestrians. These included Broadway and Second Street and Broadway and Fourth Street. They also highlight records that inform the city witnesses 16 deaths and more than 400 vehicle and pedestrian collisions a year. All these are alarming, but it doesn’t mean you should abandon a good habit while you can cultivate some healthy road walking practices to keep yourself and others safe.

Safety laws for pedestrians

Traffic and road rules apply to both drivers and pedestrians, and it is everyone’s responsibility to honor them for their and everyone else’s safety around them. Like drivers, pedestrians must remember certain things when walking on highways, roads, or other intersections where vehicles also ply. Just like an emergency car driver cannot ignore people walking on the road even if they have an emergency, pedestrians should let the drivers pass if they have to go from one side of the road to another. One must practice this even if there is no crossroad. Of course, drivers cannot increase the vehicle’s speed or harm people, even in this scenario.

As a pedestrian, you need to know safe roads to walk on or how you can protect yourself. All these are essential. But as mentioned, mishaps can occur as no one can predict a motorist’s reaction. You can look for a lawyer’s help when hit by a car. Your injuries can be compensable, which you may be unaware of, but your attorney will ensure you get it.

Accident liability

Because of the use of a pure comparative fault legal system, you may wonder who the court will hold responsible for an accident. Usually, the blame goes to the drivers in most car accidents involving pedestrians. They can be driving under drug or alcohol influence, fatigue, aggression, or something else. All these make a case of negligence. However, it doesn’t mean all accident cases result from drivers’ faults. Sometimes, manufacturing defects of the car or road conditions can also contribute. Since these details remain elusive to an ordinary mind, it’s best to take the opinion of an expert lawyer and allow them to manage everything.

In this context, you also need to remember that you have the right to claim compensation even if you were half at fault. For instance, you didn’t wait for the traffic signal to allow passage for pedestrians and hastily walked across the road, inviting injury from a distracted driver. In such cases, you will be 40% at fault and the driver 60%. So, your compensation will be 40% less. All these complications are there. And you must not backstep from your claim for this reason. Since it’s not easy to get the money for your injuries by yourself, you can consult a lawyer for a better settlement.

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