Stature of Female Leadership
Stature of Female Leadership in the 21st Century

Unfortunately, female leadership in the corporate sector has not improved in the past few years. We have ventured into the realms of the 21st century …

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Virtual Reality in Architecture: How is it Paramount in Disrupting Reality?

Virtual Reality in architecture has the highest demand in the market. Being an immersive and interactive technology, it has contributed to many industries and reached …

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Overview of Nanotechnology: Relevance, Applications, and Future Prospects

This article provides an overview of Nanotechnology including how it was discovered, why its study and research is necessary, what are its applications, and future …

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cassette culture
The Curious Case of Cassette Culture: From Elements to Vehicles of Memory

During the 90s, cassette culture provided a rudimentary platform for budding artists of the era to showcase and monetize their talent. After staggeringly occupying the …

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Chronicles of Midlife Unravelling
The Chronicles of Midlife Unravelling Foretold!

If your perfectly tranquil Sunday afternoon has ever been ruined by comprehensive midlife unraveling, you are not alone. Aging and midlife crisis goes hand-in-hand. Being …

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Cyber Terrorism
Cyber Terrorism: Nature of the Threat and How to Counter It?

Cyber Terrorism is a threat that will only tend to grow with time like technology. In the past, we have seen many cases involving cyber …

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Socially Responsible Investment
How Responsible are Socially Responsible Investment?

21st-century individuals are inclined towards being socially responsible and morally conscious. With that being said, socially responsible investment has become the latest buzzword within Wallstreet …

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Handling change in the workplace
How Positively Handling Change in the Workplace can turn to your Advantage?

As said by one of the most successful entrepreneurs, Elon Musk, “Some people don’t like change, but you need to embrace change if the alternative …

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Evolving Business Strategy
Is Evolving Business Strategy Really a Stepping Stone for Organizational Success?

“Evolution is the very crux of continuation of life.” According to Darwinian evolutionary theory, ‘survival of the fittest’ affirms the mechanism of natural selection that …

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The Internet Ad Revolution
The Internet Ad Revolution: Then, Now, and Tomorrow

The world is currently going through the internet ad revolution, courtesy of the digital transformation, higher internet accessibility, and increasingly intense market competition. The global …

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Virtual Office Benefits
14 Amazing Virtual Office Benefits Leading to the New Digital Era

In terms of productivity and commuting, virtual office benefits organizations as well as employees to a great extent. Since the onset of the pandemic, work …

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PPT Framework
People, Process, Technology Framework (PPT Framework): An Overview

Today, organizations are susceptible to constant change. According to Forbes, 70% ofcompanies either have a digital transformation in place or are working on one. To …

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