technology is profitable
Technology Stays Profitable Throughout the Pandemic

Key Highlights  Between 2019 and 2020, the average annual wage for IT workers in the United States climbed by 3.6% to $97,859 per year.  During …

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Hackers Are Targeting COVID-19 Vaccine
Why Hackers Are Targeting COVID-19 Vaccine Distributors?

The World is still having a tough time due to the on-going Coronavirus Pandemic, causing more than 5 lakh deaths in the US alone and …

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Smartwatches can now Identify COVID-19 Infection days before Symptoms Appear

Increasing Capabilities of Smart Devices Smartwatches are becoming as popular as health monitoring devices.  The latest models offer features such as blood oxygen level measurement. …

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Travel Industry
How COVID-19 Has Impacted the Travel Industry

By: Jeremy Murchland, Seven Corners President The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted nearly every aspect of people’s lives, and travel is no exception. In fact, the …

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Pfizer and BioNTech’s vaccine
Oxford researcher assertive about Pfizer and BioNTech’s vaccine against COVID-19 Mutants 

A professor at Oxford University in the U.K., Sir John Bell, declared with utter confidence that the Covid-19 vaccines are effective for the new strains …

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CEO promises AstraZeneca Vaccine Gives ‘100% Protection’ Against Covid-19

The British drugs group AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford has developed a COVID-19 vaccine. This vaccine has achieved maximum efficacy because of the “winning …

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New COVID-19
New COVID-19 Strain not a Scare Factor for WHO

World Health Organization said that the new coronavirus variant B117 found in Britain is not out of control. This new Covid-19 strain has a higher …

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COVID-19 Relief Bill
Impact of the COVID-19 Relief Bill on Industries Including Franchises

Congress reached a much anticipated $900 billion dollar COVID-19 bill. It pronounces a prominent impact on American citizens and businesses of all kinds. It contains …

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Second Vaccine
US Hospitals Spill Over with COVID-19 Cases as Second Vaccine Arrives

A massive wave of fresh COVID-19 cases surged in United States hospitals as recorded on the 17th of December. This surge occurred as the US …

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Coronavirus Vaccine: Pfizer-Biotech’s Hopeful Start to Fight against COVID-19 

The Arrival and Departure of Coronavirus The arrival of coronavirus has baffled the world to reinvent its approach towards all the healthcare facilities. It also …

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AR-VR Creating Speculations post-COVID
AR-VR Creating Speculations Post-COVID

In the last few months, the world observed several changes—the wake of COVID-19 unsettled industries on a global level. As the coronavirus continued to upsurge, …

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COVID-19 Vaccines
Sales of COVID-19 Vaccines could raise $32 billion for Pfizer and Moderna

The vaccines against COVID-19 that have been created, authorized, and are planned to be distributed have represented a milestone for science and humanity. The companies …

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