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Mobile Heartbeat partners with pCare to deliver integrated patient experience

Mobile Heartbeat partners pCare

Mobile Heartbeat announced a technology integration partnership with pCare, a healthcare information technology company dedicated to developing best-in-class interactive patient systems.

Through integrating the MH-CURE mobile clinical communications and collaboration smartphone platform with the pCare Interactive Patient System platform, the companies are enabling new communication capabilities between patients and staff that result in improved operational efficiencies and better informed and more satisfied patients.

Mobile Heartbeat is a leading provider of enterprise mobility clinical communications and collaboration solutions that improve clinical workflow and provide secure team communications, enabling better patient care at a lower cost. The company’s Unified Clinical Communication platform, MH-CURE, gives clinicians what they want and need simple; secure access to their patients and other care team members with clinically relevant patient information – no matter where they are.

Care and communication

Patients seeking non-clinical assistance typically do not know whom to contact. However, through Mobile Heartbeat’s Care Team Query API, pCare can query the real-time staff assignments maintained in MH-CURE and display them on any pCare-enabled device in the patient’s room. This includes television, tablets, electronic whiteboards and other mobile devices.

“Patient care teams understandably change due to staff scheduling, which can confuse and frustrate patients, adding stress to their hospital stay,” said Mike Detjen, COO at Mobile Heartbeat. “Through the MH-CURE and pCare integration, patients can always see who is on their care team, make requests that are sent to the appropriate person and view the status of their request.”

“Connecting patients to the people on their care teams has been a challenge we are driven to overcome,” said Mark Cortina, CTO at pCare. “The pCare interactive patient experience system enables patients to be informed, engaged and, ultimately, satisfied during their hospital stay, inspiring improved outcomes. Integrating with Mobile Heartbeat, we give patients additional communication capabilities that make it possible for them to keep track of their care team and get immediate assistance when they need it.”