The 20 Innovative Companies to Watch Out for, 2019

The extreme growth of e-commerce businesses across the world is encouraging other enterprises to provide a seamless buying experience. Customers are more comfortable with businesses that offer multiple payment methods. Most of the regular online shoppers abandon e-commerce sites when they couldn’t find their preferred payment method. Thus, enabling such sites with a payment gateway that incorporates….
Optimizt Technologies
Optimizt Technologies: Providing High-Quality Engineering Design, Simulation and Manufacturing Services

In the last few years, the engineering services sector has …

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AnyChart: Flexible Charting Tools for All Data Visualization Needs

Living in a world of data makes us the data-oriented …

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DeskMoz: Surging Visitor-Customer Conversion Rate To New Heights With 24×7 Managed Live Chat Agents Service

24×7 Live Chat Agents support is continuing its growth journey …

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Enterprise Solutions
Enterprise Solutions Inc.: Developing and Delivering Software and Engineering Solutions to Clients

There is a tremendous progress in technology. This progress has …

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Hoylu: Redefining Digital Workplace Collaboration With Real-Time Solutions

More than thirty years ago, organizations began to utilize audio …

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IgnisTec: Igniting The Futuristic Social Ecosystem With Privacy In Mind

In the shadows of security, many reputed organizations are sharing …

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knowRX: Consumer Friendly Application That Connects With Healthcare Entities For Better Care

Though the healthcare industry has made significant progress in the …

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Neuroelectrics: Transforming Neurodegenerative Disease Diagnosis And Treatments With Telemedicine Wireless Platforms

The percentage of neurodegenerative disease across the world is increasing. …

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ProEst: Elevating The Construction Industry With A Powerful Cloud Platform

Like other industries, the construction industry too has adapted latest …

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Seceon: Providing Comprehensive Cybersecurity Platform For The Digital World

In the modern tech world, organizations have built their security …

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Sedicii Innovations Limited
Sedicii: Securing Digital Identities And Authentication Processes With Unique Cryptographic ZKP Technology

The proof of identity (POI)—then and now has witnessed a …

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Small Robot Company
Small Robot Company: Reshaping The Farming Industry Through Robotic Farming

In this digital era, disruptive technology is likely to play …

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Experts' Opinions

Katherine Colombino
The 7 Keys to Success

Success is a word that acquires a special and different …

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Deploying AI solution
Deploying AI solutions? Here are 5 risks to mitigate

Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems are proliferating across industries, moving away …

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Marketing Shifts

Multichannel Marketing
Find out how multichannel marketing is evolved to omnichannel

The multiple device lifestyles have become a regular occurrence for …

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Modern Connect

Modern Technologies Alter Human Lives
6 Modern Technologies That Are Altering the Human Lives

In the last few decades, many technologies have emerged and …

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