Neuroelectrics: Transforming Neurodegenerative Disease Diagnosis And Treatments With Telemedicine Wireless Platforms


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The percentage of neurodegenerative disease across the world is increasing. Nearly one in every six people develops a neurological disorder. This includes neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer and central nervous system disorder epilepsy. However, these neurological disorders are very challenging to diagnose with most of them possessing neither appropriate cure nor treatments. Researchers and scientists around the world are currently working hard to discover a novel way to help people suffering from these diseases. What scientists and researchers really need is a new comprehensive approach for treating these brain disorders.

With the purpose of monitoring and enhancing brain health, Neuroelectrics is designing and developing novel cloud-connected medical devices. These devices have a modular design and broad suite of complementary software (from real-time 3D brain activity maps to thought-controlled games), which makes it a comprehensive product and help individuals monitor the brain activities. The company’s core goal is to be the world-trusted leader on wireless technologies to monitor and stimulate the brain. Recently, Neuroelectrics has opened its US branch in Boston, MA in an effort for providing medical products to researchers.

Helping Researchers and Scientists Monitor Brain Activities

Established in 2011, Neuroelectrics is a spin-off of Starlab, a research company focused on applying computational methods to tackle contemporary issues, like climate change. Its skilled team has sound experience in both neuroscience and creation of advanced, cloud-connected medical devices. Based on its sound expertise, the company focuses on manufacturing innovative products for the neuroscience and medical markets. It has invented several products such as cap, electrodes, software, accessories, Starstim, and Enobio.

For observing the brain activities, the leading digital brain health company has created telemedicine wireless platforms based on Starstim and Enobio, combining multichannel transcranial current stimulation such as tDCS (transcranial Direct Current Stimulation) with EEG (electroencephalography). These telemedicine wireless platforms are systems that come with powerful softwares.

Neuroelectrics’ Innovative Range of Medical Products

In order to provide medical resources to scientists worldwide, Neuroelectrics has manufactured two advanced medical devices: Starstim and Enobio. These devices help the scientific and medical researcher community to have a better understanding about the working of the brain.

Starstim is a research-class multichannel transcranial current stimulator that mergers EEG with direct current (tDCS), alternating current (tACS) and random-noise (tRNS) stimulation. They are powered by intelligent software and cloudware, which helps researchers and scientists observe the brain. Recently, Neuroelectrics announced positive results for treatment of medication-resistant epilepsy using Starstim™. Enobio is a wireless and wearable brain-monitoring device that records electroencephalogram (EEG) and allows the physicians to register research-class brain signals and triaxial accelerometry with comfort, quality, and precision using advanced wet or dry electrodes.

Through these research-based medical products, the company is focusing to help patients who are suffering from epilepsy, ADHD, dementia and many more. The telemedicine solutions are still at the research level and will create a paradigm shift to treat brain diseases.

Overcoming Obstacles through Valuable Collaborations  

For designing a new therapy to treat the brain diseases, it can take tens of millions of dollars/euros. However, Neuroelectrics does not have enough funds with them. Along with this, it also has to face the regulatory challenge of approving a novel therapy, reimbursement, and its commercialization. To resolve this issue, the company is collaborating with major industry players including large pharmaceutical, software, and advocacy organizations. Through these strategic collaborations, it brings financial resources and expertise for running the large clinical trials developing new therapies.

A Visionary Entrepreneur Working Towards Accomplishing Goals  

Ana Maiques, the CEO of Neuroelectrics established the company with a vision to help patients by providing innovative, easy-to-use, and affordable neuroscience medical devices. As the CEO, Ana has numerous responsibilities to perform and invests plenty of valuable time for managing the company. These responsibilities include managing their existing business of selling high-tech products to universities and hospitals for brain research and overseeing their human clinical studies based on treating patients with epilepsy, chronic pain, and dementia. In addition, she has to advocate Neuroelectrics’ mission and vision towards partners and investors.

Under her guidance, the company has won several illustrious awards including Best Start-up in Health Award in 2015 by Wired UK magazine and the Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America recognition by Entrepreneur Magazine’s Entrepreneur 360™ List in 2016.

Strategizing Useful Goals

To accomplish their dream of becoming a world-trusted leader, Ana and her team at Neuroelectrics have strategized a powerful future roadmap. The short-term goals are to establish an office in China for managing the high sales growth in Asia. The company also wants to start its pivotal US FDA clinical trial for approving an epilepsy therapy. Besides this, it wants to shift its research on Alzheimer’s disease into a clinical phase. Similarly, its long-term goals are to have the leading integrated platform for brain monitoring, brain treatment, and brain data so that Neuroelectrics and its partners can transform brain therapy for the better.

The Secret behind Neuroelectrics’ Success

The secret behind Neuroelectrics’ market success is rested upon three qualities called VEP––Vision, Execution, and Passion. For Neuroelectrics, vision means to become an industry innovator and break the stereotypical norms. Execution means complete implementation of any good ideas. And lastly, passion for achieving their dreams and milestones.

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