6 Modern Technologies That Are Altering the Human Lives

Modern Technologies Alter Human Lives

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In the last few decades, many technologies have emerged and transformed human life. These technologies integrated with the devices make any task easier to do. Smartphones, cloud computing, multi-touch tablets, these are all innovations that revolutionized the way we live and work. From the invention of the internet to the cutting-edge technologies like Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality (VR), etc. are constantly changing and showing no sign of slowing down.

Moreover, technology has helped today’s employees to work faster, smarter as well as enabled them to communicate with each other more efficiently. Many organizations started developing their own technology and enhancing their existing technology system to become more productive in their workflow. Technology has become a significant part of our daily life and we simply can’t live without it. Hence, these are some of the technologies that are changing human lives.

Virtual reality (VR)

Virtual reality has been around since the 1950s and until recently the technology wasn’t able to deliver the fully fascinating digital experience that consumers have been craving for. These days virtual reality has been used in numerous movies, games, serials. Some of the best examples of VR are Game of Thrones (GOT), Avatar and First Man. With the recent improvements in hardware and programming, the borderline between real and the virtual world is shrinking. Many organizations are adopting this technology to help them understand customers more effectively and optimize their sales and marketing efforts. Similarly, this technology can be used in other industries and in the advancement of their workflow. For example, in the healthcare industry, the VR can be used for in surgical operations. Instead of, directly operating on patients the doctors can use VR technology. It will help doctors to simulate the operation in a virtual world and under the supervision of expert doctors, the trainee doctors can perform the surgical operation correctly.

5G Network

Nowadays, 4G network is used by numerous smartphones. The 4G technology boosts the phones by offering internet speeds that will let people download entire movies within seconds and most likely bring big changes to video games, sports and shopping. But, as smartphones come with new amenities, it requires a new network that would keep it up with the latest developments. Therefore, to bring huge change to both smartphone and fixed wireless data networks 5G is introduced. Users are excited about the launch of the 5G because it offers more benefits as compared with 3G and 4G.5G technology comes with a high data rate, reduction in latency, energy saving, cost reduction, higher system capacity, and massive device connectivity. Furthermore, it will also affect many other kinds of devices, including industrial robots, security cameras, drones and cars that exchange data to one another.

Virtual assistant

Virtual assistants are part of our daily lives. These assistants offer entertainment, information, assist in various chores and has become our life’s personal manager. From shopping and booking to playing games, they manage all the tasks. Furthermore, many small startup companies are also working on introducing their own virtual voice assistants which are AI-powered. Besides that, technology giants like Google, Microsoft, and Apple are teaming up with other companies to build products that can truly connect with each other and work on their command. These assistants would enhance the customer’s experience and offer their aids in many tasks which need to be performed by a human.

Leap motion technology

Many companies introduced TV and laptops with multi-touch display. However, the display constantly needs human aids to perform the tasks. Due to this, the user’s hands could get very tired with prolonged use. To resolve this issue, Leap Motion technology can be used to work on devices. The leap motion tracks both hands and all 10 fingers as they move through the open space between user and its device. In addition to this, special software is used to detect hand gestures and translates the data into information for the device. As a result, leap motion allows users to use his/her hands and make a gesture to perform any task. For example, scrolling the web page, zoom in the map and photos, sign documents and even play a first person shooter game with only hand and finger movements. In this way, a human doesn’t need to touch the device to complete any chore.

Autonomous vehicles

The innovative technology is transforming the automotive industry in every way. Moreover, today’s semi-autonomous vehicles and the fully autonomous vehicles of the future will rely heavily on AI systems. Furthermore, the self-driving car comes with sensors that gather data from the car surrounding and help the vehicle to drive properly. The latest technologies such as hand gesture reading, 360-degree camera system, voice command feature, and adaptive cruise control technology can transform the self-driving cars. In this way, the autonomous vehicle would reduce the traffic, follow proper traffic rules, and decrease the accidents to save human life.

Blockchain technology

The blockchain technology, due to its reliability in handling information, becomes an obvious choice for improving data handling in the various industries. Blockchain technology is used by companies to transform time-consuming, centralized, and less reliable and less secure systems. However, blockchain technology is not used by the industries much. It will take several years for this technology to become a major component for developing a new system. For now, the technology professionals working to integrate the blockchain technology with others for implementing a new system.


Even as new technologies are developed, innovation around the application of existing technology is rapidly changing. However, humans are becoming more attached to these technologies. As technology grows, it will change human lives as well. With all those technologies constantly evolving, we can hope that they do not enslave us but make our lives easier.

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