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Enterprise Solutions Inc.: Developing and Delivering Software and Engineering Solutions to Clients

Enterprise Solutions

There is a tremendous progress in technology. This progress has created a need to recognize the dynamics of the IT environment to make sure that technology is fulfilling the required business objectives. Today’s organizations are facing problems to incorporate various IT systems which can be appropriate for several functions, departments, and stages in a product lifecycle. To tackle many IT problems such as these and others, Enterprise Solutions Inc., assists various mid-market as well as Forbes global 500 companies in managed service projects and systems integration, IT and non-IT contingent staffing industry.

The company acknowledges the shortage of workforce in the US. Hence, Enterprise Solutions tries to find the right candidates with the help of innovative ways to extract the right talent from the market. The clients, as well as candidates’ requirements have changed dramatically. Enterprise Solutions fulfills those unmet needs of the clients by partnering with them.

Offering Cutting-Edge IT Services to a Global Clientele Base

Founded in 2000, Enterprise Solutions Inc., is based in Naperville, Illinois, US. Explaining the company values, its Chief Operations Officer, Sunder Pillai expresses that Enterprise Solutions Inc. believes in customer focus, integrity, quality service, diversification, and thoughtful actions. He also shares that their mission is to deliver an exceptional work experience for their employees and giving excellent services to their clients.

Sunder believes that basic fundamentals create a solid base for the company to grow and achieve success in the market. With that, he further adds that the company’s actions should meet its desired expectations to get exceptional results. His motto is to learn from the past experiences, remain focused on the present, and build a solid foundation for the future.

The forward-thinking COO also reveals his ambition for the company by saying that his vision is to make Enterprise Solutions Inc. as one of the top 10 IT services and staffing companies in the world. He wants it to be placed in the top 5 list in every client’s program, become an employer of choice in the market, and deliver out-of-the-box thinking services for clients.

A Leader with Diverse Experience

Sunder Pillai is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Enterprise Solutions Inc., with a reputed background and varied global experience in industries such as government, pharma, financial services, travel, transportation, hospitality, technology, and consulting. Sunder holds a prominent graduate degree from Mumbai University (PVPP).

Currently working as the COO, Sunder is responsible to meet the deadlines and keep his team ready to fulfill and surpass the requirements set by their clients. Owing to this, he has divided his team as per their expertise as well as keen eye on the industries such as airlines, banking and financial, communication media and technology, energy utility, life sciences, retail and manufacturing.

Implementing Strategic Framework to Stay Ahead in the Market

The progressive COO further explains that he keeps the clients at the prominent position in his strategy with the help of scalability framework. This framework consists of four pillars with clients placed at the center of those pillars. The first pillar is employee retention. In this pillar, his team concentrates on employees rather than the size of the organization. The second pillar is concentrating on timing in the market. Sunder says that he emphasizes on providing a tailored delivery model which is the third pillar for delivering customized solutions as per client requirements. The fourth pillar concentrates on keeping compliance at the work place. This is how Sundar and his team triangulate people, processes, and technology to stay ahead in the business landscape.

Exceptional Range of Solutions Designed through Tech-innovations

Enterprise Solutions constantly searches for new and innovative ways to fulfill the requirements for its daily operations. The present-day market is full of products and services which can take care of clients as well as their needs. Recently, the company tested a new technology on its ATS system. This helped the firm to increase its efficiency in terms of data approach as well as mining resources and allowed the clients to pursue the right candidates with the right qualities. On top of that, candidates were also able to send their information at the fastest and effective manner. Enterprise Solutions is committed to assessing technology further so that it can provide an exceptional experience to both clients and candidates. This experimentation includes ‘Last Mile Delivery’ in which the company is currently working on to build a solid relationship with clients and candidates.

Defeating Challenges by Implementing Simple & Focused Approaches

Enterprise Solutions constantly tries to overcome obstacles coming in its path. Like most of the companies, it faces a scarcity of talent. The company utilizes proprietary systems and SOPs to utilize technology and relationships so that it can gather talent for its clients’ requirements in a consistent manner. By employing new technology to its processes and evaluating the ROI of this technology allows Enterprise Solutions to beat its competitors in the market.

Sundar explains that his team overcomes obstacles by implementing simplistic approaches and follows an Enterprise way of handling business that is crystal clear, measurable and armored with determined employees.

Enterprise Solutions IncObjectives for a Brighter & Successful Future

The dynamic COO also sheds lights on the future objectives of Enterprise Solutions. He says that he wants to build a strong base of growth so that the company can stay on track as per their mission statement. He also desires to extend his company’s culture, bring more diversity, increase hiring of talented recruits, focus on further development of the company’s inner structure, create a healthy work environment, build impressive sales and delivery teams, and keep on utilizing and designing new technologies and solutions. Besides this, he also intends to be a supplier of choice in project solutions and MSP solutions, concentrate and expand the company’s service portfolio and cater to a global clientele base.