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In the shadows of security, many reputed organizations are sharing user data including public records, internet browsing activity, social media posts, emails, app usage, and retail loyalty cards. This is the reason why you are tremendously barraged with online ads that are most relevant to what you may have glanced briefly. Thus, social networks are no more social. They have become the biggest marketplaces for user data. Today, we network on virtual and mutual community connections. Therefore, middle party authorizations like access to email, social network profile, posts, etc. greatly influence our personal data.

The use of blockchain technology to develop a secure ecosystem can be a way to fight identity theft. Using crypto identity for verifying an individual’s identity has the potential to create a secure profile. Drinkmates platform by IgnisTec does the same. It utilizes peer-to-peer systems backed by blockchain technology. The distributed network of blockchain can easily handle the high-density data and AI-based reputation management protocol and further simplifies the connectivity among users to join in the real world using Drinkmates.

Filling the Social Network and Privacy Gaps with Drinkmates

When asked the Founder and CEO, Harpreet Sachdeva about the motive behind establishing IgnisTec, he drew our attention towards a genuine problem that the present digital world is facing. Harpreet shares, “Presently, we are using two types of social media—the one through which we connect with people and other is the medium used for services. None of these networks provide a long term context.” In this case, the user gets nothing from driving the network and there are limitations on users to connect with people. Secondly, Harpreet and his team witnessed a lack of automation in the hospitality industry. Speaking about this scenario, Harpreet asserts, “If a user goes to multiple restaurants or places, then they have to register for multiple loyalty points. Therefore, there was an innate need for a unified user identity that defines an individual which he can use everywhere with restaurants, places, people, etc.”

To fill such existing gaps, Harpreet and team invested two years to come up with a virtual-real world platform that is specifically crafted for users to interact with people and services around them. This approach is specifically designed to connect virtual scenarios with the real world. Thus, Drinkmates covers the essentiality of virtual-real world connectivity and unified ID that promotes “One Nation, One ID, One Consumer,” for social network and hospitality services.

Drinkmates, Promoting One Nation, One ID, & One Consumer Approach

Drinkmates is India’s 1st Social Network with real-world touch points. The platform offers One ID to earn real-world incentives from daily activities like meeting friends, going out for food, drinks, clubs, deals, memberships, & much more. As users post daily, they will receive stars in responses from the friends and network with each response carrying incentive credits.

Similarly, for social influencers, they get opportunities to explore their community audience, persuade them, host community events and use features like direct community voting, earning authenticity, and incentives while influencing people. The platform is also powered by a real-time mechanize friends finder with additions such as filter through different regions to find the interesting connection around the users. In addition, using the secret mode feature, users can secretly share photos, messages, events, community, schedule meetings, and much more. They can switch between Public or Secret mode anytime to scroll through friends post, shares or chats.

While going out for a meeting or an expedition, users can easily automate task scheduling and bookings with a Hyper Intelligent personal AI assistant. The assistant learns user’s preference to schedule daily meetings, bookings, and appointments around them.

Educating the Nation about Blockchain & Crypto-Future with Social3.In

To further understand their audience and reach a maximum number of users, Harpreet and team have done a small validation. Started on 15th August 2018, the validation was related to reaching the audience by enabling them to register on IgnisTec via missed call. In this validation, Harpreet and team received a good response. On the other side, the quantity of response received was not enough as per the number of internet users in India. It was due to the lack of knowledge among users about the data and disruptive technologies. Therefore, to spread awareness among people, Harpreet and his team have developed an online news journal called Social3.in that helps people to upgrade their knowledge about emerging technologies and future trends like crypto and blockchain.

Developing with an Aim to Expand Globally

As the CEO of IgnisTec, Harpreet considers himself as the pathfinder for his team who leads them towards the vision and mission of the company. He makes sure that the efforts of his team are aligned with the end goals of the company. From his past experience, Harpreet has developed a theory of Analysing the situation, Neutralising the gap, and Toughen up the competition.

Following this theory, Harpreet and team constantly drive their efforts towards regular improvements. According to him, as far as the potential of India’s population is considered, the newly established businesses should utilize this manpower and home-grown intelligence to mark their presence globally.

As a leader of IgnisTec, Harpreet feels proud to have a supporting team of experts who are working constantly with dedication and calibration while considering the end results in mind. Further, working on the customers’ pain points, Harpreet and his team are focused on long and short-term goals for a better future of IgnisTec. His short-term goals include introducing the product concept, marketing it, and making the users familiar with the upcoming products from IgnisTec. Their long-term vision is to make the product accessible to the majority of users on a global scale.

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