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The extreme growth of e-commerce businesses across the world is encouraging other enterprises to provide a seamless buying experience. Customers are more comfortable with businesses that offer multiple payment methods. Most of the regular online shoppers abandon e-commerce sites when they couldn’t find their preferred payment method. Thus, enabling such sites with a payment gateway that incorporates a vast variety of payment methods helps businesses to widen their sales net. Additionally, with growing numbers of e-commerce transactions arise new opportunities for cybercriminals. Today, customers want a simple, streamlined and essentially, secure transaction process without any distress of being hacked.

As a merchant, a business needs to ensure the best payment security that secures sensitive financial data of customers. Thus, doing business based on trust and PCI compliance helps improve security. Allied Wallet does the same; it offers highly secured payment gateway solutions which are PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant and protected with SHA-256 SSL Encryption along with 24/7 protection against Proprietary Fraud and Chargeback Prevention. Additionally, with a dedicated team and 24-hour support, Allied Wallet ensures that all the needs and concerns of its customers are addressed in a timely manner.

An Idea to Fulfil Pitfalls in Payment Transactions

Dr. Andy Khawaja, the Founder and CEO of Allied Wallet and a pioneer in the digital payments sector, established the company to bridge the missing gap of security during international transactions. Andy shares, “I realized that there was a need for more secure ways to process international transactions. No one else was doing this and it left open a lot of room for fraud, which can ruin a business.” Therefore, Allied Wallet is bridging the gap of insecurity and rigidity in the online payment systems.

Daily, the hard-working CEO of Allied Wallet wakes up at 4.00 am and attends office before most of his team members arrive. He understands that actions and behavior of managers and leading members should set an example before their employees. Thus, many of Andy’s team members follow his dedicated routine and start eagerly with a fresh and motivated mind every day. Andy practically strives to be a part of a spectrum of processes and therefore, works with all the teams at Allied Wallet. This hands-on working approach greatly helps him to have a better understanding of the business and enables him to further streamline the operations. “I typically interact with the team until evening hours and then touch base with our international headquarters from my home office,” shares Andy.

Empowering Businesses to Thrive Globally with International Payment Support

Over a decade ago, Andy started the expedition of Allied Wallet to empower businesses with an opportunity to thrive in a global business market. Sharing his early experience at the company, Andy states, We’ve kept the core values that made working here in the early days very rewarding.” Therefore, the workplace culture of loyalty and success at Allied Wallet not only fosters innovation but also implants and creates a happy working atmosphere. According to Andy, happy employees lead to happy customers and this is reflected by offering a flexible and comfortable environment that develops a feeling of appreciation among the workforce, ultimately encouraging them to give their best possible service to clients.

At present, Allied Wallet is on the mission to simplify the consumer experience by providing cost-effective, turnkey payment solutions to online merchants while inspiring confidence in their customers.

“With billions of dollars processed globally and millions of satisfied customers to our credit, you can have complete confidence that your transactions will be safe. I’m eager to wake up and get back to what I love. I don’t want to be on the golf course like other CEOs. I keep busy with my team,” are some of the remarkable statements that Andy has shared.

Allied walletWide Range of Payment Methods across 196 Countries

Powered by Andy and his team’s dedicated hard work, Allied Walled currently offers some of the leading turnkey credit card processing services in the industry. It is simplifying the clients’ payment acceptance solutions and enabling them to support a wide range of payment method across 196 countries. State-of-the-art fraud protection and multi-currency solutions are some of Allied Wallet’s major specializations. . The company is leading the industry in innovation with connectivity support to numerous payment methods. Speaking about the capabilities of Allied Wallet, Andy asserts, “Whether you need online credit card processing, mobile point of sale, a digital wallet solution, prepaid cards, or even ACH – we can do it and you’ll have it all in one easy to manage system.”

Thus, making transactions simple in any industry is the beauty of solutions emerged from the home of Allied Wallet.

Allied walletImproving Serotonin Levels of SMBs with QuickPay

Today, businesses of varying scales and industries require customized solutions according to their target audience. Majority of their customers opt to make payment with their credit cards. Therefore, Allied Wallet has created several fully customizable international payment solutions for businesses ranging from small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to large scale enterprises. The company aims to fulfill the essential requirements of its clients and help them to stay away from the bouts of insecurity and malfunctioning of payment gateways. Users can use one of the many alternative payment options supported by Allied Wallet. Regardless of how they choose to pay, the company already has the right solution for its clients so that they can accept payments online. Thus, the customers don’t have to worry about the flare-ups of payment failures for domestic as well as international payments.

Allied Wallet understands SMBs and the challenges that come with staying organized and managing business. Hence, to offer a simple and cost-effective solution for SMBs, Allied Wallet has QuickPay which is a fast, secure, and easy to integrate solution for accepting credit cards. The QuickPay credit card payment gateway offers a fast and simple way for accepting credit cards for small businesses. It also provides processing in nearly any currency and helps SMBs to organize and manage their business in the office or via their phones. Buyers can finalize their purchase and pay with major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, China UnionPay, Maestro, European Direct Debit, and ACH payments.

Allied walletSprouting with Direct Integration and Expansion Strategies

Direct Integration Method is another comprehensive payment solution developed by the team of Allied Wallet to cater to the needs of businesses actively focused on online retail. It is one of the most advanced e-commerce payment processing solutions that provides full set of tools and features to create a fluent customer experience. It is extensively advanced than any other Allied Wallet’s solutions because it offers high levels of customizations. With Direct Integration, e-commerce companies can have the opportunity to design a customized payment page and incorporate their personalized branding into a secure Allied Wallet transaction page. Therefore, from the customized checkout page, customers can finalize purchases using any major credit cards, EU direct debit, ACH, or many other alternative payment methods.

Moving forward and augmenting its extraordinary payment solutions, Andy and team are planning to expand the support for other payment methods. Andy shares, “We have many new features and functionalities that we are planning to release. It’s important for us to simultaneously innovate and protect users globally.” Likewise, Allied Wallet has set its goal to double its current size and continue to grow with a rapid growth rate. Andy predicts, I see Allied Wallet continuing its path to global leadership in payments and industry innovation. I also see Allied Wallet and myself pursuing more charitable, philanthropic efforts to make the world a better place.”

Allied walletThe Secret behind Allied Wallet’s Success

“The secret of Allied Wallet’s success lies in the method by which we reach our success. We succeed if our customers succeed.”— Dr. Andy Khawaja

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