The 20 Best-Performing CEOs To Watch Out For In 2019

A pioneer in the logistics industry, the Founder and CEO of MGN Logistics, Inc., Matthew Telesca, recalls how he built his business from an innovative idea and transformed it into a successful reality. At a young age, while still attending college, Telesca took a job at…..
Ofer Laksman, the CEO and Chairman of Correlata Solutions is a senior executive with more than 25 years of experience in the ICT arena. Ofer has an extensive expertise in leadership roles, management, sales, marketing and business development. A creative detailed-orientated entrepreneur, Ofer builds and leads strategy and sales to the enterprise market as well for Small and Mid-Market companies (SMBs).
Chris Ruff
Chris Ruff: Delivering Customer-first Experience with Glympse’s Real-time Location Sharing Technology
In the present on-demand economy, personalized real-time interactions and exceptional ...
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Lokesh Gupta RMA
Lokesh Gupta: Applying Extensive Domain Expertise To Financial Solutions
The Co-founder of RM Applications Sdn. Bhd. (RMA), Lokesh Gupta is ...
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Viral In Nature
Shawn Michael Alain: Empowering Businesses With The Power Of Social Media
The world of social media is constantly evolving, bringing new ...
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Zero Knowledge Proof
Rob Leslie: Replacing Passwords and Securing Clients Data with Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) Authentication Protocol
An electronic engineer by profession, Rob Leslie is the Founder ...
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KMC Controls
Richard Newberry: Instilling Innovation In Clients’ Businesses With Scalable IoT And Automation Solutions
Richard Newberry, the CEO of KMC Controls Inc., has over ...
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Noah Labhart: Developing Future-Proof Mobile Apps
With a passion for architecting solutions, Noah Labhart, the CEO ...
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Michael Grossi
Michael Grossi: Delivering Easy To Try, Buy And Use IT Management Software
It has been said that without leadership, all the other ...
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Isaac Andy
Isaac Andy: Optimizing Clients’ Businesses With iZND’s One-Stop Solution
Isaac Andy, the Co-founder and CEO of iZND Services is ...
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GHO Group
Gary Olson: Bringing Vision to Reality
With an innate curiosity about understanding how things work, Gary ...
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Daniel Kushner: Helping B2B Marketers Prove the Business Value of Social Media
A serial entrepreneur, B2B marketing expert, and a social media ...
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Ainsley Braun
Ainsley Braun: Safeguarding Clients’ Websites, Mobile, Web, and IoT with Patented Technology
The Co-founder and CEO of Tinfoil Security, Inc., Ainsley Braun ...
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Chatur Ideas
Buzzing Trends and Emergence of Indian Start-Ups 2018
“Just because someone invented it doesn’t mean it cannot be ...
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Time To Embrace AI

Forthcoming Revolutionary Impacts On World Driven By Artificial Intelligence
Forthcoming Revolutionary Impacts On World Driven By Artificial Intelligence
Over the last decade, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has proven to ...
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