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Richard Newberry: Instilling Innovation In Clients’ Businesses With Scalable IoT And Automation Solutions

KMC Controls

Richard Newberry, the CEO of KMC Controls Inc., has over 30 years of executive and general management experience in leading segments including energy, oil and gas, technology manufacturing, and automation. Richard applies his total solution view to guide innovation at KMC Controls and forge strategic partnerships with industry-leading technology firms. Presently, he drives KMC’s collaboration with Silicon Valley tech giants to develop revolutionary solutions for connecting building automation systems to Internet of Things (IoT). He has also led corporate development, new product innovation, and competitive strategy for KMC Controls since 2014. With the board of directors and the executive management team, Richard plans long-range goals, strategies, and policies for the company.

When asked about the reason behind his focus on leading technologies like IoT, Richard explained that the basic software infrastructure for the internet has been developed and shared. As a part of current trend, cloud software vendors are heavily investing in simplifying integration, deployment, and the adoption of new innovations. But when IoT is considered, the impact will be much bigger than the industrial revolution.

Richard took our attention to an important issue most organizations are missing or ignoring – the shift in the workforce. Customer behavior has changed; therefore organizations need to modify their traditional treatment of customers. Richard said that a leader’s job is to ensure that employees are empowered to make decisions on the spot to satisfy customer demands quickly. If they must wait for permission, the customer will be gone. People need leaders who understand each and every employee’s work, empower them accordingly, and provide a personal and positive atmosphere.

Building Smart IoT Systems and Automation Solutions

Established in 1969, KMC Controls is a leading manufacturer of open, secure, and scalable IoT products and building automation solutions. KMC Controls products range from secure hardware devices to smart and connected software. Along with these solutions, KMC delivers embedded intelligence and optimized control. The leading IoT provider helps clients increase operating efficiency, optimize energy usage, maximize comfort, and improve safety.

Located in New Paris, Indiana, KMC is known for its innovative and intuitive solutions from responsive and supportive people. KMC’s IoT and Automation Platform, KMC CommanderTM is used to unite building systems across networks, protocols, and locations. Richard and his expert IoT developers have made it an affordable option for simple installations that one can effortlessly scale to meet growing demands. KMC partnered with Dell and Intel to develop KMC Commander, which helped in shaping advanced features for the cloud-based platform to drive IoT and make it a real possibility on any scale.

Offering the KMC Advantage to Clients

At KMC, Richard and his employees follow the company’s mission of providing innovative and intuitive solutions. The company is known for its market focus, creativity, and passionate employees. With his dedicated team, Richard develops customer-minded products using state-of-the-art technologies. The biggest advantage of KMC is that the company listens and works with clients to fulfill their needs. The leading IoT solution provider creates custom products that are easy to purchase, install, and use. After implementation of products, KMC’s knowledgeable team provides support to the clients to ensure successful use.

Eliminating Obstacles with Constant Improvements        

In his vast career, Richard has witnessed numerous changes and also faced tough challenges. But he continuously worked intelligently to analyze and overcome those challenges. Today, he knows the potential of technologies like Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Richard believes AI is a prime reason and helper in the growing competition among businesses. Customers can simply compare the price of a product with other competitors across the globe while standing in the store. Online vendors like Amazon, Alibaba, Uber, and Airbnb are disrupting and fighting the lowest price war.

In the IoT industry, Richard and his team are prepared to transform upcoming challenges and technologies into new opportunities. In the coming years, KMC aims to lead the industry with IoT solutions. The company is following a strategy to improve its solutions. It has recently released a new version of KMC Commander with additional enhancements in the pipeline.

Another innovative KMC solution, KMC Connect Lite, can configure KMC Conquest controllers with only a smartphone or tablet. There is no need to take the controller out of the box. Using NFC technology, just placing the phone near the box allows communication with the controller, enabling the user to read and modify the current settings and write new ones.

“Embrace the power of data to be successful,” says Richard

While giving advice to aspiring business leaders, Richard said that to start a new business, the old transaction-based approach and resistance to new ideas should be avoided. A business needs to embrace the power of data to provide value to customers. Gone are the days of slow technology adoption. Today, people need innovative leadership approaches to beat the current competition.