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Ofer Laksman: Changing Data Center Management Perspective with Correlata’s Intelligent Solutions

Correlata’s Intelligent Solutions

Ofer Laksman, the CEO and Chairman of Correlata Solutions is a senior executive with more than 25 years of experience in the ICT arena. Ofer has an extensive expertise in leadership roles, management, sales, marketing and business development.

A creative detailed-orientated entrepreneur, Ofer builds and leads strategy and sales to the enterprise market as well for Small and Mid-Market companies (SMBs). He also handles the joint work and strong relationships with business partners including system integrators, service providers, distributors, ISVs, and resellers.

In 2006, he became the business development and country manager of AMD Advanced Micro Devices. Within a year after joining, he helped the company in increasing its market share from 0.2% to more than 21% in Israel. This was the biggest and proudest achievement in Ofer’s life.

Ofer holds MBA, P. Eng. in Electronics and Directors for public and business companies.

Accelerating Brand Footprint of Correlata Solutions

Ofer is one of the Co-founders of Correlata Solutions. Working as the CEO and Chairman, he focuses on brand awareness by reaching global-leadership in the cognitive analytics business domain. He aims to double the growth of the company from FY 2018. To achieve this, Ofer is effectively aligning Correlata’s ecosystem with its business partners and aggressively driving the business to fulfill market demands and challenges. His development strategy also helps the company to cover more technical issues on a daily basis. While ensuring the company’s ongoing relationships with leading business partners, Ofer’s largest goal for 2019 is to see Correlata into new segments of cognitive analytics and increasing relationship with new business partners.

Exploring Solutions for Current Challenges in the Industry

The business has radically changed over the course of 24 months, affecting and exposing some of the greatest risks to the largest data centers in the world. Today’s businesses must understand GDPR, governmental policy and regulation to include the recent Department of Homeland Security Task Force assembly, data and privacy laws, third party, and supply chain ecosystems. Likewise, awareness of cyber-threats is vital to tackle rapidly advancing cyber-attack strategies.

Today, the data center management domain is experiencing a dramatic transformation with increasing cost and complexity. Data center design doesn’t allow them to “right manage” and “right size” their Business IT.

IT departments are more than just hardware. They’re made up of people, strategy, and policy. An errant key stroke or ill-conceived deployment could potentially endanger your most critical systems, causing faults that cost a fortune to fix, and you wouldn’t know what hit you until it’s way too late!

To face these problems, the knowledgeable CEO of Correlata suggests that IT and management must collaborate together and bring digital transformation in their businesses. Such change will be based on AI and machine learning, edge computing, and quantum physics. These advanced self-learning technologies have the ability to identify used and un-used resources within an entire data center.

Offering Diagnostic of Clients’ Entire Data Center Infrastructure Environment

Founded in 2010, the team of Correlata followed the mission to design, develop and build a leading business center placing IT at the forefront of executive leadership. Today, the leading business solution provider helps thwart catastrophic degradations, providing IT with full and comprehensive access to the data generated by IT assets. It provides a single platform for current complex business IT operations’ needs. Its solutions include business alignment, compliance, risk analysis, cloud migration, chargeback and sizing of infrastructure, greenlight investment, and investment efficiency.

IT departments are often unaware of strategic initiatives that can place increased demands on systems and infrastructure. They also lack the capability to translate business requirements into meaningful IT capacity planning. For such clients, Correlata helps optimize IT resources and provides visibility to grow their businesses. Correlata’s CorreAssess platform identifies the chain of infrastructure elements and services allocated to applications. It also detects gaps between the real situation and the required resource allocation. This identification enables organizations to allocate the proper IT infrastructure resources to effectively meet business needs and budget constraints.

There are different ways to provision IT services with different tiers of resources and services to consume. Therefore, it is essential that each line of business should be accountable for the consumption of IT services. To tackle this, Correlata’s CorreAssess platform allows each financial owner to consume the right IT service with the right tier, which fits their needs.

Correlata’s Pay-What-You-Consume Strategy for Businesses

Prior to any cloud migration, implementing a pay-what-you-consume strategy is crucial to identify the true usage of IT services. There is a need to consolidate all IT related resources focused to one of the cost centers to measure and quantify the real allocated and used resources. Correlata helps clients to understand the actual cost of IT infrastructure in their environment. Additionally, it provides the information needed to reclaim costs of IT infrastructure, analyzes usage and trends, and helps in implementing a pay-what-you-consume strategy.

Integrating the Power of Information to Exceed Clients’ Expectations

The well-versed CEO of Correlata believes that genuine information is power, but that power comes at an increasingly high cost in dollars and impacts the business output. According to Ofer, companies are struggling with how to balance cost, performance, security, and compliance, while retaining flexibility and control of increasingly complex IT operations. This trend has escalated even further in recent years and shows no sign of stopping. Hence, IT professionals need to find creative new ways to reduce power consumption and make the most of existing IT resources.

Considering today’s business challenges, Correlata’s CorreAssess platform enables CIOs and IT directors to exceed business needs while encouraging sustainability, corporate responsibility, and eco-friendly practices. This solution is based on the correlation of IT infrastructure applications, which are collected directly from raw data in heterogeneous environments from a variety of vendors using different products. The CorreAssess platform recognizes and aggregates allocated infrastructure resources like storage, network, and computing elements to expose the infrastructure elements that are configured, connected but missing end-to-end physical and logical relationships.