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Michael Grossi: Delivering Easy To Try, Buy And Use IT Management Software

Michael Grossi

It has been said that without leadership, all the other business elements lie dormant. An effective leadership is the most important aspect of an organization to maximize productivity and achieve business goals, whereas weak leadership can hurt productivity and put the health of the business entity in menace.

Michael Grossi, the CEO of Ipswitch, is an analytically-minded person with a track record of defining actionable, organic M&A and transformative growth strategies for leading technology companies. Previously, he has served as Ipswitch’s Chief Revenue Officer, driving revenue as well as strategic growth initiatives.

Prior to Ipswitch, Michael  served as Chief Revenue Officer at Xura, as well as the Senior Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development at American Tower Corporation. He was also the Founder and senior executive at Helio, a leading mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) acquired by Sprint, and a partner at Altman Vilandrie & Co., where he worked on corporate strategy initiatives for Samsung, Disney, AT&T, and ESPN. Moreover, he was a Captain in the United States Air Force, where he oversaw a number of different technology defense programs in the Intelligence Command.

Ipswitch: Simplifying-IT Needs, Securely

Headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, Ipswitch is a producer of award-winning and easy-to-use secure file transfer and network management software. It has over 24,000 SMB and enterprise active customers with over 1 million end users in 170 countries. To satisfy the varying needs of its customers, Ipswitch solutions support a range of environments including on-premise, hybrid and public or private cloud, via perpetual and subscription licensing. Its solutions meet the highest commercial and government data-security requirements and are PCI, HIPAA, and GDPR compliant.

Highly Simplified Array of Solutions

Ipswitch’s suite of offerings includes IT Management software that provides secure control over business transactions, applications, and infrastructure. It’s Unified Infrastructure and Applications Monitoring software provides end-to-end insight, which is flexible and simple to deploy. Moreover, Ipswitch’s Information Security and Managed File Transfer solutions enable secure, automated and compliant business transactions and file transfers for millions of users. The solution provider’s major offerings are WhatsUp® Gold, MOVEit® and WS_FTP®.

WhatsUp® Gold is powerful and easy to use software to manage the performance of networks, servers, virtual environments, and applications. MOVEit® is an automated file transfer system that lets the user manage, view, secure, and control all business-critical file transfer activities through a single, secure system. WS_FTP® helps control user access and permissions and gain real-time visibility to file transfer activities, moreover assures business-grade reliability and security for users.

Partnership for Mutual Growth

Ipswitch is actively engaged in developing successful strategic partnerships with the industry’s most respected and forward-thinking companies such as Dell. It is also a Microsoft co-sell ISV Partner and a VMware Technology Alliance Partner. Its secure file transfer solution, MOVEit Transfer is integrated with McAfee, RSA, Sophos, and Symantec whereas WhatsUp® Gold links with Cisco Connected TAC Services to provide proactive diagnostics.

Satisfying Clients with Top Notch Services

A well-known entity for fair prices, honest business practices, and software that works out of the box, Ipswitch considers its partners and clients as the reason for its success. Its IT management software helps thousands of IT teams across industries succeed by enabling secure control of business transactions, applications, and infrastructure.

Its major clients include, University of North Georgia (UNG), Rochester General Hospital (RGH), Monsoon, Artoni Trasporti, VIVA Health, Denver Broncos, United States Central Command, and many more. The software maker’s customer success can be evidenced by an online community with over 115,000 members.

Today, there is increasing complexity in the enterprise IT environment and a growing need for additional security as well as regulation compliance. In such a convoluted market scenario, Ipswitch  offers managed, secure file transfer, and network monitoring solutions that address these complicated challenges for IT teams around the world. The team works closely with its partners and customers to make sure they have the tools to ensure their data is secure.

Innovation to Relieve Customer Pain Points

As IT professionals need to be able to gain network diagnostic and troubleshooting information from their mobile devices, they also require an ability to link together disparate data systems and leverage APIs more than ever. Therefore, the award-winning software provider is striving to meet customer requirements to improve and deliver increased mobile capabilities and restful APIs by 2019.

An Optimistic Leader behind Ipswitch

Being the CEO of Ipswitch, Michael is responsible for driving the P&L and leading the growth strategy for the company. He cultivates strong culture and works tirelessly to help his team scale, grow, and succeed. His goal for Ipswitch is to remain the leading producer of award-winning and easy-to-use secure file transfer and network management software that IT professionals have come to rely on through the years.

Overcoming Challenges is the Key to Success

These days, security and compliance in highly regulated industries are some of the biggest challenges for businesses. IT teams at companies around the world – big and small – are working hard to ensure they have a secure file transfer solution in place to protect their data from cybercrimes and potentially huge fines. While sharing the key to success, he recommends to “Solve the major pain points of target customers”.