The 10 Influential Women in Tech, 2024

Marie Zamecnikova

Marie Zamecnikova: Elevating Your Digital Personal Brand

Marie Zamecnikova, with a background in IT and a passion for innovation, founded Marie Olivie Ltd. to bridge the gap between business and technology, sparking digital transformation for clients across various sectors.
Web Images -Alison Armstrong
Alison Armstrong: Pioneering Operations Executive Shaping Automotive and Tech Industries
Alison Armstrong, an accomplished co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at ...
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Beth Bauer
Beth Bauer: Enabling Disruptive Innovation in the Tech Industry
Women are leading across various tech roles today, mainly by ...
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Connie Ansaldi
Connie Ansaldi: Leading the Charge for Diversity in Tech
Historically, the technology industry has been dominated by men, resulting ...
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Hui Wu-Curtis
Hui Wu-Curtis: A Trailblazer with Profuse Knowledge of Contact Center Operations
In a highly competitive market where brands are continuously competing ...
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