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Rob Leslie: Replacing Passwords and Securing Clients Data with Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) Authentication Protocol

Zero Knowledge Proof

An electronic engineer by profession, Rob Leslie is the Founder and CEO of Sedicii . With a serious interest in identity, trust, and security, Rob established Sedicii in 2013. Currently, Rob is also a Co-founder of Kyckr and in a short span of time, his company got listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: KYK).

Looking at the digital security environment, the digital world is mostly secured by passwords. However, the biggest disadvantage of passwords is that they can be easily cracked. By combining different factors like biometric and facial scan, hackers can easily crack a person’s identity. Rob perfectly knew the flaws in conventional security infrastructure. Therefore, to improve the age-old security systems, Rob started Sedicii with a new method using Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technology. This process can secure an individual’s data and makes it much safer to interact. Additionally, he has a strong background in the Anti-Money Laundering / Know Your Customer (KYC) domain with Kyckr.

Securing Clients’ Identities with ZKP Technology

Organizations like banks, government agencies and telco’s in various countries around the world have a regulatory requirement to prove identity. For such companies, Sedicii offers best-in-class KYC, on-boarding, and monitoring services like document capture, identity verification, and proofing. Sedicii’s Identity Network can provide a real-time KYC monitoring and remediation service directly to relying parties. This process is done when linked to high assurance authoritative and lower assurance Corroborative Identity Providers using Sedicii’s unique ZKP Technology.

Furthermore, the ZKP cryptographic technology ensures that identity attributes are never transmitted over the network, not even in hashed or encrypted form which ultimately prevents identity fraud during the process. While delivering significant cost saving for the Relying Party, ZKP technology also removes friction in the current KYC process for the consumer. Moreover, it identifies individuals against an authoritative source without exposing any data. Everything is done in real-time with full user consent. Such flexibility enables Sedicii to form new layers of cost reduction and efficiency for regulated financial institutions.

Expanding Cybersecurity Capabilities with New Achievements and Recognitions      

The groundbreaking innovations by Rob and his team at Sedicii led the company to be named a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum. Further, WEF invited Rob to speak on Cybersecurity, identity and other technologies at Davos. This was the proudest career achievement for Rob and the recognition helped him to kick-start comprehensive security projects. The Founder of Sedicii is presently striving ahead with two of the leading security companies to protect the online world and reduce its exposure to identity theft.

Turning the Control of Digital Identity Back to Users

As the world is increasingly dependent on the internet and cell phones for all aspects of their lives, people’s privacy requires the cooperation of the private sector. Today’s consumers have a right to see where their identity resides. Rob and his expert team at Sedicii are currently working on a preserving identity platform that will allow individuals to identify the extent of their digital footprint. This will be done without sharing any information. If consumers don’t want any information to be stored with an organization then they can request a deletion. Likewise, they can request their data to be refreshed.

Finding the Right Side of Every Aspect

Over the years, since its inception, Rob and his team have developed Sedicii’s capabilities to build technologies that have the power to change the people’s digital lives. The dedicated workforce of Sedicii works towards giving the control of digital identity back to them. Moreover, Sedicii can reward its clients with a payment when an exchange of their data takes place.

When we asked Rob about the current business challenges, he stated, “Starting and building a business is hard work. The most difficult thing I’ve learned is that the line between total failure and success can be knife-edge thin.” Rob further added that one must make sure to never fall on the wrong side of that line of success and failure. To be on the right side of every aspect, a person needs to be persistent with unerring belief in himself and his team.