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Gary Olson: Bringing Vision to Reality

GHO Group

With an innate curiosity about understanding how things work, Gary Olson, the Founder, and CEO of GHO Group, LLC is a respected thought leader in the information, communication and media technology industries. He has led the company as strategist, designer and project manager for a broad variety of communication and information technology projects.

As the visionary CEO of GHO, he has worked with many startup businesses looking to implement new technologies. His extensive skills in project management and problem-solving for technology-based projects have brought success to his clients domestically and internationally.

Gary has been bridging the gap between broadcast and computer technologies. He specializes in digital asset management, media management architecture, broadcast systems design, content management, media communications start-up ventures and design for broadcast, broadband, streaming media, and media-on-demand applications.

As the broadcast industry continues to convert from proprietary to computer-based technologies, there is a high demand for technical knowledge and guidance to understand these changes. Gary has provided technical vision and project management to the broadcast engineering community in the adoption of IP and file based technology.  He has written articles, given webinars and developed online tutorial courses. His book, “Planning and Designing the IP Broadcast Facility – A New Puzzle to Solve”, has become an industry standard.

Gary’s participation ranges from strategic planning through conceptual development, design, and project management. He provides business development, budget, and staffing models for start-up operations. As an early designer of interactive applications, Gary created new information networks using broadcast and broadband technologies. His latest initiatives involve the use of artificial intelligence to benefit the broadcast and media industry.

Change is the only Constant

Re-inventing himself is one of Gary’s signatures. His portfolio includes a large number of interesting projects including the launch of the first commercial television networks in several Eastern European countries. He designed and implemented the first all IP network and file based digital media production center and was lead designer and project executive for the United Nations NY HQ media technology modernization. Other projects include a touch screen interactive telephone for AT&T network systems and a global gaming network for sports.  Gary was on a research and development team looking to bring Teletext to the US market and he also worked on the design and implementation of the first private satellite teleconferencing network for Merrill Lynch and AT&T. Early in his career, he was one of the designers for the first video fiber-optic network in New York City for Teleport Communications. The multi-talented CEO of GHO Group has given lectures at the MIT Sloan School of Business and is a member of SMPTE & IEEE. 

GHO Group – Strategic Planning and Design

GHO Group is an independent consulting firm that specializes in planning and designing media production facilities. This ranges from broadcast and cable companies to corporations, educational institutions, and cultural organizations. GHO Group provides technical expertise and guidance to assure best results with a focus on budgets and implementation. GHO’s design philosophy is based on sustainability and the understanding that businesses want their investments to be “future-proof.”

GHO Group services include:

  • Strategic planning and concept development:

Understanding the client’s vision and bringing it to reality requires leading projects from concept to completion. This begins with an initial vision and following it through development, implementation and launch.

  • Communication

Team building and communication between business units and stakeholders is a critical component of all projects. Success requires including senior management, finance, project management, and technology groups.

  • Project Management

Keeping projects on schedule and on budget is one of the more important tasks of project management. Another is staying within scope. GHO provides management and continuity for successful implementation and rollout.

Skills & Expertise

The GHO team is a unique blend of knowledgeable and experienced individuals covering a broad spectrum of skills in software development, broadcast system design, IT architecture, communication systems architecture, digital media systems, gaming, asset management, and artificial intelligence.

Facing New Challenges with a Different Perspective

At GHO, Gary has been providing unique, practical, and cost-effective solutions to challenges, while building new facilities or implementing new technology strategies. Utilizing his years of expertise, Gary is building the bridge between technology and business by working with an innovative vision and converting it to reality. Likewise, the dynamic CEO of GHO manages the expectations of senior management and stakeholders throughout the execution of a project.

Today, every industry sector uses media in many different applications, internal communications, client services, public announcements. They are looking at the broadcast industry for knowledge and expertise to improve their content. With an extensive portfolio in media based communication, television, telecommunications, and internet related technology projects, the GHO team can apply risk analysis, program and project management, and fiscal management to projects. GHO’s consortium of designers, engineers, project managers and consultants is a select group of specialists and senior-level management professionals. This group of talent allows GHO to apply the best practices and the latest project management tools to each project.


Advice for New Business Owners. 

Gary has a little advice for people looking to start a company. He states that entrepreneurship and starting a business means doing everything that needs to be done to be successful. The CEO leads by example, putting in the time and work effort to build the business. As a new business owner, it’s important to realize that not all entrepreneurs make good CEO’s. It’s more important to understand your own strengths and that the right thing to succeed may be to hire someone who is a better CEO than you are to help lead the new enterprise.