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Noah Labhart: Developing Future-Proof Mobile Apps


With a passion for architecting solutions, Noah Labhart, the CEO of Touchtap, LLC, has extensive experience in technology, having worked in numerous roles over the past 13 years. His current involvement includes web applications, utilities, native iOS and Android mobile apps, and platform architecture. Noah designs and develops mobile solutions that impact the world, applying best development practices, methodologies, and source control. Prior to starting Touchtap, Noah spent about 12 years working in software development for small start-ups and large corporations. This experience has informed Touchtap’s internal processes, client communications, and strategic positioning.

Offering Quality App Development Services with Touchtap

Touchtap is a mobile app development studio in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. Noah and his team develop native iOS and Android apps for startups, entrepreneurs, and enterprises in the US and globally. Touchtap also offers frontend/backend development and support services.

Since launching, the Texas-based company has built and deployed numerous apps and app platforms across verticals including FinTech, automotive, education, and media. Their hard work has paid off, and Touchtap has grown into a multi-member, fully distributed team.

Among the apps deployed by Noah and his team this year is the Talley Amusements app, a native mobile app experience built for a well-known DFW theme park company. The app’s development was fast-tracked to adhere to a tight deadline while still meeting strict quality criteria.

Working as the CEO of Touchtap

At Touchtap, every day is different for Noah, and he spends the majority of his time on business development and account management. With his expert team working on app development and design, Noah devotes his time to working on the business. He is usually on the phone, in meetings or planning out what’s next for the business growth of Touchtap.

Watching the efforts of his team receive positive feedback from clients is invaluable to Noah, who strives to deliver beautiful and quality app experiences to his customers. As a result of this emphasis on the user experience, Touchtap is experiencing rapid growth. Noah expects to enjoy similar growth over the next five years as Touchtap continues to solve clients’ pressing business needs, only at a larger scale.

Understanding Clients’ Demands to Provide a Unique Touchtap Experience

Coming from an entrepreneurial background, Noah knew the difference that a flexible and personalized approach could make. His experience in IT support and development roles has given him an insight into the macro- and micro-level needs of a business.

According to Noah, it is essential to understand clients’ business goals, aims, and vision. This understanding helps Touchtap to easily partner with clients, an approach that greatly enhances the development process as well as the scope of clients’ projects.

Touchtap offers a unique discovery service independent of its development services. In this multi-session approach, the Touchtap team learns what the client is trying to build along with their business goals. This approach also gives new clients insights into Touchtap’s processes.

Touchtap is home to a team of curious and devoted developers, and Noah and his team are always seeking out new technologies to expand their skillsets, expertise, and offers. Currently, the future-oriented CEO of Touchtap is particularly interested in the latest toolsets from Apple, Google, and the Blockchain.

Touchtap’s Four D’s Process of App Development

App development is a mature industry. Therefore, to get traction, today’s companies need to build something robust, user-friendly, personalized, and crucial. This will involve technologies such as AR, AI, and integration with IoT.

Noah shares that an emphasis on a solutions-driven and customer-first approach is a must for building trust among clients. One-size-fits-all is no longer good enough. A company should build its products and services to effectively respond to clients’ particular problems and needs. Noah and his team do so by leading clients through their “Four D’s” process – discovery, design, development, and deployment.

As a development partner, Touchtap brings clients’ projects to life as follows:

  1. Discovery:

This begins with a client’s vision to build a mobile app. Then Noah and his team start working towards transforming that vision into a product. They assess the market, refine the concept, and identify the must-have features needed to deliver an app experience that transcends expectations.

      2. Design:

Supported by the team of designers and architects, Touchtap fleshes out the UX, UI, and an overall aesthetic that elevates the experience of the client’s app. The team guarantees the best user experience and advanced UI for its customers.

  1. Development:                                                                              

A mobile app needs to be robust, long-lived, and scalable. Leveraging the latest in tools, design paradigms, and third-party functionality, Noah and his team develop pixel-perfect results that work exactly the way they should. Intensive testing with real users ensures the app is ready for when it goes viral.

  1. Deployment:

When the app is finalized and ready for deployment, Touchtap pushes it to the respective app stores, ensuring a smooth launch. But apps live within an ever-changing ecosystem. To safeguard against future changes, Touchtap releases upgrades to keep them optimized regardless of what Apple and Google send their way.

After a successful deployment, Touchtap’s development team continuously monitors user feedback and ratings across the app stores. This includes identification and troubleshooting of bugs and proposing forward-looking improvements that position the app for ground-breaking and continuous growth.