Disease Lethal As Alzheimer
Do You Know About A Disease That Is As Lethal As Alzheimer’s?
As the world is shifting towards advancements in the healthcare technology, scientists are discovering new diseases every day. Many researches and experiments are being conducted ...
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Recruitment Industry
Can Technology Trends Replace Humans In The Recruitment Industry?
Let’s find out here. Since millennium 2000, the way people access and use the internet to interact has greatly evolved. Today, technology has boomed in ...
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Enterprise Mobility Services
Why Is There A Need For Latest Enterprise Mobility Services?
The modern mobility industry is constantly changing and this shift makes it quite challenging for the enterprises to keep pace with them. There are also ...
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AI Replication
AI Can Replicate Your Voice. Is It A Boom Or A Bane?
Wont it be cool to have an AI that listens to someone’s voice in a matter of seconds and then able to speak different things ...
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Testing Approach in IOT
Got Stuck? Try These Tips To Streamline Your Changing Testing Approach In IoT
In recent years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has gained a lot of attention. In fact, Google searches show that IoT is the most searched ...
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Black Hole
Take a closer look at the first ever picture of a black hole
April 2019 saw the occurrence of a very unique event that transformed the history not only of astrophysics but of science and technology as well. ...
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Reinventing the Travel and Tourism Business Using Digital Technologies and Devices
Reinventing the Travel and Tourism Business Using Digital Technologies
The digital transformation has renovated the personal and professional life of every human being. Numerous organizations have integrated themselves with digital technologies to improve their ...
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Learn How LiDAR is Changing the World for Better
Human beings are peculiar creatures who want to know anything and everything. In order to do this, we have developed many technologies and devices so ...
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Transformative Gadgets
Inside CES 2019: Transformative Gadgets & Future Tech
Staged by Consumer Technology Association (CTA), Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has been showcasing the consumer technology innovations each year since 1967. Having announced thousands of ...
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vfx technology
The VFX Revolution Changing the Canvas of Entertainment Industry
Technology has played its part very well and the world today is digitized to an extent as never before. Over the past couple of years, ...
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Modern Technologies Alter Human Lives
6 Modern Technologies That Are Altering the Human Lives
In the last few decades, many technologies have emerged and transformed human life. These technologies integrated with the devices make any task easier to do. ...
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VUCA World on the corporates
The severity of the VUCA world on the corporates. What it demands from their leaders?
VUCA: The Origins   VUCA—the term first produced and implemented by The U.S. Army War College to train their officers in the response of collapse of the USSR ...
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