VUCA World on the corporates
The severity of the VUCA world on the corporates. What it demands from their leaders?
VUCA: The Origins   VUCA—the term first produced and implemented by The U.S. Army War College to train their officers in the response of collapse of the USSR ...
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Big Data
Transformation in Sports Tactics with Big Data
The sports industry has always been open to the innovation and is evidently one of the updated fields. Indeed, sport is a competition and teams ...
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Wi-Fi signals into electricity
This flexible device will convert Wi-Fi signals into electricity using 2D materials
Researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have designed a ‘rectenna’ and conducted the first real application of atomically thin semiconductors for a flexible rectenna ...
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Spatial Web
What is The Spatial Web and how it will transform the internet?
In late 1980, Web 1.0 enabled humans to get a non-unified form of information from static web pages. As the connections got faster, the new form ...
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Forthcoming Revolutionary Impacts On World Driven By Artificial Intelligence
Forthcoming Revolutionary Impacts On World Driven By Artificial Intelligence
Over the last decade, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has proven to be useful in versatile fields. Companies like Google, Uber, and others are utilizing AI to ...
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Story of Salesforce: The Journey of #1 CRM Platform, From Rages To Riches
The goal of an enterprise CRM (Customer Relation Management) platform is to manage a company’s interactions with their present and future customers. Back in the ...
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