The 30 Most Inspiring Business Leaders 2019

“A leader is the one who is genuinely grounded and clear about her vision and values and have the strength and skills to act accordingly,” says a thought leader—Feyzi Fatehi, the CEO of Corent Technology, Inc.
Lydia Kennard | KDG Construction Consulting
Lydia Kennard: A Dexterous Leader Managing Multi-Billion Public Infrastructure Programs
Mirror Review recently had an interesting chat with Lydia H. ...
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Mark Gazit: A Result-Oriented Leader, Shaping Teams To Achieve The Impossible
In a dialog with Mirror Review, Mark Gazit, the CEO ...
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Nicole McMackin
Nicole McMackin: A Visionary Leader Managing The Constant Chaos Of Change
Mirror Review recently had a chat with the highly skilled ...
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Aarti Bindra
Aarti Bindra: An Adaptable Leader, Encouraging The Team To Innovate In The Cybersecurity Sector
Mirror Review interacted with Aarti Bindra, the Managing Director of ...
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Chris Pritchard
Chris Pritchard: A Leader With Guiding Vision, Leading The Health Care Sector With Integrity
In an exclusive conversation with Chris Pritchard, Mirror Review asks ...
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Dave O Brien
Dave O’Brien: A Team-Focused Leader, Empowering Employees To Reach Their Full Potential At Agreement Express
Mirror Review’s team had an engaging talk with Dave O’Brien, ...
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PNC Menon
PNC Menon: A Value-Focused Leader, Leading Sobha Realty with Sheer Perseverance
PNC Menon, the Founder and Chairman of Sobha Realty had ...
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Jeff LoCastro
Jeff LoCastro: A Focused Founder/CEO Leading His Company Toward Analytics Dominance
Mirror Review sat down with Jeff LoCastro, the Founder and ...
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Simeon Garratt
Simeon Garratt: Inspiring And Motivating His Team Through Leadership
Simeon Garratt, the Co-founder and CEO of Spark RE Technologies ...
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Ahmad Moradi
Ahmad Moradi: A Leading Light Of NETSTAIRS With Exceptional Business Knowledge And Life Experience
“A good leader first must seek truth in him or ...
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Stephen Malloy
Stephen Malloy: A Socially Dedicated Personality, Empowering People Towards Growth
Mirror Review held an exclusive talk with Stephen Malloy, the ...
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Shrishail Rana
Shrishail Rana: Towing The Boat Of Systweak While Ensuring Continual Upgrades
Mirror Review recently had a dialogue with Shrishail Rana, the ...
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Insights Segment

Maciej Burzynski
How to cut down product launching costs?
Maciej Burzyński is a product designer in Sybet, a Polish ...
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Recruitment Revolution

Recruitment Industry
Can Technology Trends Replace Humans In The Recruitment Industry?
Let’s find out here. Since millennium 2000, the way people ...
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AI Intellect

AI Replication
AI Can Replicate Your Voice. Is It A Boom Or A Bane?
Wont it be cool to have an AI that listens ...
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Need Of The Hour

Enterprise Mobility Services
Why Is There A Need For Latest Enterprise Mobility Services?
The modern mobility industry is constantly changing and this shift ...
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