Chris Pritchard: A Leader With Guiding Vision, Leading The Health Care Sector With Integrity

Chris Pritchard

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In an exclusive conversation with Chris Pritchard, Mirror Review asks a set of questions that uncover his impressive professional journey. As the National Health Care Group Leader at Moss Adams, Chris has more than 25 years of experience of working with the company. He brings his extensive experience to insurers, payers, large health systems, ancillary care providers, hospitals, physician organizations, research organizations, long term care organizations, and other health care service providers. The upcoming excerpts dive deep into Chris’ thoughts about leadership, challenges, teams, culture, and much more.

Vision, Ethics, and Selflessness Are Important Qualities of a Leader

Who is your ideal leader and why?

I consider Jamie Dimon as an inspiration to me. He fosters a great culture with razor-like focus on customer experience. Dimon has evolved JPMorgan’s strategy of tailoring service offerings that meet the needs of the company’s individual customers to a broadly sophisticated global company.

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In my opinion, a leader should set a vision and strategy for his company to position it for future success, while leveraging talent in an organization to achieve the vision. Likewise, ethics and selflessness are some important qualities of a good leader. The best leaders work dedicatedly and cultivate change while bringing improvements all over the organization, often behind the scenes. If you observe successful leaders, you will find that they have tremendous influential capabilities, and possibly even possess the ability to evolve an industry.

Bringing the Change with Future Vision and Strategy

As a leader, what are the challenges you have to face and how you conquer them?

It’s about disseminating and leading change around a future vision and strategy for an organization. Reaching support for a common vision takes effort, clear and consistent communication, and requires leaders to lead by an example. Change creates uncertainty and some are unable to or unwilling to embrace change for a higher common vision or purpose. Therefore, ensuring the organization embraces change is another challenge. To tackle this, I try to influence top leadership to coalesce around a common vision. This allows for a more deliberate, intentional and holistic change management process, leading the organization towards future sucess.

Leading Expert Team of Members to Empower the Health Care Sector

Introduce us to your team. What is the importance of a team for a leader?

I have a great team, which is leading over 275 professionals and serving the health care industry. My team is comprised of five health care specific national practice leaders, five regional leaders, seven health care consulting partners, one human resource manager, and two health care marketing leaders. Without a strong leadership team, organizations suffer from stagnation in achieving their future vision or strategic objectives. A bad leader can be detrimental to the culture of an organization, crushing creative approaches to solving client problems. With a very strong, aligned leadership team, an organization can embrace change and leverage momentum towards achieving strategic vision and objectives. It becomes part of the fabric of the organization.

Moving forward with Unwavering Focus on Clients at Moss Adams

How will you define Moss Adams LLP?

Moss Adams is an entrepreneurial organization clearly focused on the future and the significant change we foresee coming in the industry. We are preparing for technological change in our business and increased pressure on our clients and personnel to remain relevant in the future. Moss Adams is a full-service firm keenly focused on our clients’ experience. Our culture is based on serving clients in a collaborative approach and partnering with them to solve their needs or to achieve their strategic goals as one selfless team.

Unwavering, selfless focus on our clients is what differentiates us from others. We are dedicated towards ensuring an excellent client experience and we measure this through client interviews, client satisfaction surveys, and collaboration. We continuously strive to provide high-value and tailored approaches to our clients, with an eye on maintaining a selflessness team approach, which is not easily replicated by our competition.

Evolving Constantly while Embracing Change and Inclusivity

What do you have in mind for Moss Adams in the next decade?

At Moss Adams, we are focused on the future, evidenced by our culture of entrepreneurialism, technological evolution, inclusivity, and spirit of embracing change. Our health care industry group is focused on helping clients navigate disruption, innovation and evolution in a challenging, highly-regulated environment. I’m passionate about leading Moss Adams Health Care group to be recognized by our clients as the best in the U.S. health care market. I want our health care industry group to be a prominent partner who provides insights and valuable client-centric solutions through a culture of a selfless, team approach.

Our industry group is working quickly to evolve our offerings to meet the demands of a highly complex, ever-changing industry. We are focused on deepening our relationship to better understand and partner with our clients. By creating tailored, specialized health care service solutions, coupled with multidimensional, skilled teams united on collaboration and selfless client service, we will continuously develop innovative solutions. With this focus, we will be very well positioned to excel at a time where the industry is evolving and transforming around technology with the market and global forces attacking or making obsolete traditional CPA services.

Anything is Possible if you put your Mind to it

What advice you would like to offer to the young leaders?

Express the philosophy that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. I have built a career around the notion that we can achieve what we want, especially when others say it’s not possible. The mere fact that someone expresses to you that your thought or idea is not possible should fuel you to achieve it.


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