Nicole McMackin: A Visionary Leader Managing The Constant Chaos Of Change

Nicole McMackin

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Mirror Review recently had a chat with the highly skilled CEO of  Irvine Technology Corporation (ITC), Nicole McMackin. Nicole has an established career in sales and management with an impressive track record of working for Fortune 300 organizations. Nicole began her career in staff augmentation services with a local company, Abbott Resource Group, where she was recognized quickly as one of the top performers company-wide for both her strong leadership skills as well as her unprecedented sales figures.

Wanting to know more about her extraordinary career and the rationale behind incepting her company, we asked her a curious set of questions. Along the walkthrough on her journey, Nicole shared some valuable insights and personal opinions. Here are the excerpts.

Leadership is about Unravelling People’s Potential to become better

What qualities do you think makes a good leader and who do you consider as your ideal leaders?

I think the five most important qualities that a strong leader should possess are confidence, inspiration, decisiveness, adaptability, and communication skills. And as for me, my leadership skills and ethics are mined from the morals of my ideal leaders—Sara Moore Grimke and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Sara Moore Grimke fought hard in the 1820s to bring about the women’s suffrage movement, and I consider Ruth Bader Ginsburg as an aligned predecessor of Sara, because she quotes her dissents while serving as a Supreme Court Justice. Both of these women exhibit the qualities that I admire the most; the dedication to a cause that is larger than yourself and serves others, the notion that there is no settling until your goal is achieved, complete self-discipline, and unmatched work ethic.

The Cinque Pillars of a Good Leader

As a leader, what are the challenges you face and how do you conquer them?

As a leader, one is consistently confronted with unending change. Presently, as technology continues to emerge in every facet of our lives, we need to be able to adapt quickly and in circumstances be the disruptor that is willing to lead the change. In the technology staffing and solutions industry, Artificial Intelligence and automation are quickly taking hold of what used to be very people-centric, relationship-based business.

The challenge I personally face is effectively guiding our organization through change without wavering too much from who we are and our overall beliefs of hands-on customer service and dedication to our profession.

To overcome these roadblocks, I have been able to combat the constant chaos of change that falls upon our company by creating a vision of excellence. In my opinion, I feel that often times, automation can be quick, but it lacks a personal touch, a moment of interest and care for another. Therefore, I keep our team directed to do what is right by each individual as well as our customers. In this way, we can achieve excellence in what we do.

Diverse Team’s Meticulous Efforts to Achieve Company Goals

What is the importance of a team for a team leader?

I think a quality team brings forth a breadth of expertise as well as thoughts and ideas around novel innovations. Without a strong team, a leader lacks perspective as well as the ability to properly execute the company’s goals. ITC is made up of a diverse team of individuals, with differing backgrounds, thoughts, and tenure who come together to provide a unique experience for our customers.

Experts in Existing and Emergent Technologies

How will you define Irvine Technology Corporation?

I feel proud to say that Irvine Technology Corporation is a Women-Owned and Certified Organization. Due to our expertise in existing and emergent technologies, we have had the privilege of serving exceptional client organizations as both local and national resources for over twenty years and are also consistently recognized as one of Orange County Business Journals’ “Best Places to Work for”.  To add further, our company has also been recognized as an award-winning Information Technology Solutions that specializes in IT audits, Development and Recruitment.

The Experienced Team of Professionals

What do you think is the one factor that sets Irvine Technology Corporation apart from others?

I believe ITC’s main differentiator is our tenured team of professionals. It is a group of proficient people, which includes seasoned technologists, staffing industry thought leaders, top-notch recruiters, dedicated account executives, and an excellent support staff. Many of our team members have been with the company since its inception and built some of the highest levels of technical recruiting capabilities in our industry. This continues to allow our company to understand the customer’s business and technology at a very high-level and be able to deliver them.

Moving Forward while Preserving the Traditional Work Culture

How do you see the future of your venture over the next decade?

Well, I feel technology will continue to play a huge role in the direction of our industry through automation and Artificial Intelligence. Companies are already well into development to replace a human being with an avatar that will source, recruit, and interview your next new hire.

My belief is that nothing will replace a human when it comes to a major life-changing event of another human being, such a new career. ITC will need to continue to maintain the fine balance of becoming a high tech automated company while keeping a more personal relationship with our consultants and clients alike.

Diversity and Inclusion are the Real Grounds of Creativity

Any change that you would like to implement in the world?

I would like to see more diversity among world leaders. After all, like-minds will end up thinking alike; ultimately it’s the difference in thoughts and opinions that give rise to new and innovative ideas.

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