PNC Menon: A Value-Focused Leader, Leading Sobha Realty with Sheer Perseverance

PNC Menon

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PNC Menon, the Founder and Chairman of Sobha Realty had a comprehensive talk with Mirror Review, where he shared his experienced thoughts about leadership, importance of a team, and mainly the secrets behind the luxurious projects built by Sobha Realty. With 40-years of exquisite legacy and tradition of developing world-class premium homes and offices, Sobha Realty is a leading real estate development company known for a transcendental touch of traditional craftsmanship in its creations. The upcoming excerpts will take you to the journey of an inspired persona who transitioned his passion to reality in the form of Sobha Realty.

A Leader is the One who Acts in the Best Interest of Team and Stakeholders

What qualities do you see in an ideal leader?

An ideal leader is one who is courageous enough to take small vision and implement it in the real world. It can be anyone striving to achieve new goals and encouraging his team to reach beyond their potential and explore new heights and opportunities.

One of the biggest challenges a leader faces is to find new avenues and ways to innovate and continue on creating new successes so that his company and its offerings remain relevant to the customers. Therefore, good leaders are those who lead by good virtue and passion towards their business. He is the one who foresees opportunities and challenges and acts in the best interest of his team and stakeholders.

It is Important for a Leader to Support his Team in Every Way Possible

Tell us about your team. What is the importance of a team for a leader?

Without a team, there is no leader. A great team remains the back-bone of any great leader as such teams provide creativity and expertise to overcome any challenge. At Sobha Group, I am blessed to have a great team. Without my dedicated team, I would not have achieved this much success. In my opinion, leaders should empower their team members to do things well and positively influence them to take proper actions. It is extremely essential for a leader to recognize and reward great work of his team members, which further motivates them to do better for an organization.

Bringing Traditional Craftsmanship to the Modern World with Sobha Realty

Introduce us with Sobha Realty.

Sobha Realty is my personal obsession. In 1976, I established the roots of the company with very humble beginnings but with a passion and determination to create the very best in terms of quality and craftsmanship. Within a very few years through sheer perseverance and demonstrated excellence, the company went on to work for the royalty of Oman, Bahrain, Brunei and the President of Tajikistan. I spent the most glorious part of my career designing and developing palaces, royal facilities and mosques. Today, Sobha Realty is the foremost backward integrated company with a reputation for unmatched construction and interiors, as of September 2017, Sobha Group in India has completed about 95 million square feet of area.

We are headquartered in Dubai—arguably the luxury capital of the newly growing world. At Sobha Realty, we bring you the most exquisite and rare collection of coveted real estate at the most sought after locations in the world, offering unmatched experiences for those who seek the finest, eclectic gathering of royalty and modern-day czars. Artfully created by master designers and crafted to the highest level of detail, our creations set the benchmark for the world’s best real estate.

Following the Vision to Curate Finest for the Finest

How you approach to do better at Sobha Realty?

With my team, I seek to create sublime environments with a keen focus on three elements, mainly—great design, unmatched service, and uncompromising quality that make a great home. With a single-minded focus to build a brand that consistently delivers the highest level of design, workmanship, and service, I have been pursuing my vision to create the very best, for the very best people who are discerning and seekers of high-grade quality.

I still spend countless hours traversing the globe, understanding the trends and evolutions in living. Thus, imbibing the best-of-Asian hospitality and Western aesthetics, I live and breathe the values of Sobha Realty with an almost monastic devotion. My obsession for perfection and detail is demanding but necessary. I push myself and those around me, to the limits, to ensure that every element of Sobha reflects the passion for excellence. The fanatical commitment to quality is based on a single principle—“no compromise.” We value residences as we would our own, and therefore, relentlessly pursue perfection in every aspect of design, workmanship, and service.

PNC MenonLeading the Legacy of Craftsmanship Coupled with Passion and Perfection

What you see in the future of your venture?

Our vision is to become the most trusted and respected real estate organisation both regionally and globally by pioneering innovative global projects and transforming perceptions of quality. At Sobha Realty, we are working to challenge existing norms and standards to ultimately enrich communities and even society at large.

Therefore, we greatly emphasis building projects around our legacy of craftsmanship, coupled with passion for perfection and exercising complete control of the supply chain, while always applying our exacting & uncompromising standards. On the expedition to write the next chapter of growth and success, we are poised to penetrate global markets and have already succeeded in expanding our presence in the UK and China within Q1 2019.

In the coming days, I would like Sobha Realty to become one of the most respected brands in the region. Here, I am not talking about the size of the company—I am talking about the brand value—talking about a project yet to be accomplished.

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