Stephen Malloy: A Socially Dedicated Personality, Empowering People Towards Growth

Stephen Malloy

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Mirror Review held an exclusive talk with Stephen Malloy, the Chief Operations Officer of Advanced Enterprise Technologies, Inc. (AETI) to get profound insights into his successful journey with AETI.

With his deep experience in the military and broad educational background, Stephen has formulated and embraced a ruleset that serves in maintaining his moral compass and character that empowers others towards growth. He looks up to Abraham Lincoln and is greatly impressed by Lincoln’s strength of character, humility, along with grit in keeping a cool head and acting decisively to achieve the objective which was demonstrated consistently during his life. Speaking about Lincoln, Stephen said, “He suffered from depression as fear and uncertainty weighed heavily on his psyche. His lack of formal education and less than appealing looks did not stop his resolve to continue to work towards achieving the goals he desired.”

Following the Rules Learned from Extensive Life Experience

What are the qualities that make a good leader?

During his communication with US Army Colonel George Latham, Abraham Lincoln stated, “You cannot fail if you resolutely determine that you will not”. Lincoln recognized the importance of using the strengths of others. I believe the same and focus on empowering my team members to work with their strengths. I learned some important rules which are the mélange of my life experiences, education, figures in history, and the modern world challenges.

I think a leader should do everything with a sense of purpose. Be the person you say you are, be a good listener, be clear on what the objective is, and communicate that clearly. Likewise one must delegate tasks, prioritize the tasks at hand and re-evaluate often, and pay attention to the details. Being in a constant state of learning will improve your efficiency and effectiveness. A leader should never be afraid of taking risks—manage them and move forward.

Facing Sudden Challenges with Selfless Actions

As a leader, what are the challenges you have to face and how do you conquer them?

Challenges abound and while some may be predicted, most appear suddenly and range from resource changes, opposing priorities, to system failures. Thus, to tackle such sudden challenges, I embrace the thinking of Marcus Aurelius, which penned a means of seeing each challenge or obstacle as an opportunity. Following this thinking, I resist impulse in the favor of cold hard common sense, maintain objective judgment, accept the challenge, and take unselfish action.

Our company is a diverse group of motivated people who share the vision to provide ever-improving software that creates value for our customers. Team members are tasked within their specific expertise, but we work synergistically to accomplish the customer’s goals and exceed their expectations.

Simplifying Insurance Exposure Management with Quadra®

How will you define Advanced Enterprise Technologies?

Advanced Enterprise Technologies, Inc. is a consultative technology company that develops innovative solutions to simplify insurance exposure management and cost allocation operations. Through our award-winning application Quadra®, our clients in the alternative risk market are able to simplify their exposure asset management procedures and gain valuable insights. While other RMIS systems specialize in claim data aggregation and reporting, Quadra focuses on managing asset details, allocating insurance costs, and organizing insurance documents in a streamlined, easy-to-use interface.

In addition, Quadra offers a host of customizable features allowing clients to make adjustments that meet their complex organizational needs. We consistently update Quadra to keep it relevant, flexible, and user-friendly. As a result, AETI’s Quadra application won the 2018 Captive Award for Technology Initiative, which impressed the judges for its flexibility and focus on managing insurance assets.

Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in the Next-Gen World

How do you imagine AETI over the next decade?

We are a passionate and client-focused team of professionals who continuously aim to anticipate client needs and provide exceptional support for our products and services. AETI will advance its use of artificial intelligence to improve methods of risk management, particularly with regards to high-volume data analysis. Likewise, we also plan to implement virtual support, especially for non-technical requests, and will investigate markets beyond US borders.

Making a Positive Change

What are your views concerning social work?

Having had a brother with Down’s syndrome, I know how much effort is required to support and care for those in need. Hence, while supporting Down syndrome through charitable giving to organizations like the Special Olympics and Nothing Down, I also recognized that financial support is only part of helping and making positive change. Therefore, I regularly volunteer for Special Olympics and my local animal shelter.

Trail and Practice the Path of your Ideal Personalities

What advice you would like to offer to the young leaders?

Young leaders should watch and emulate those whom you feel are successful and those you would want to work with. Think about what makes them the way they are and how they manage those who work for them. Lastly, pay special attention to how they act or react to obstacles.

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