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Ahmad Moradi

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“A good leader first must seek truth in him or herself. One must reach from within and connect to inner self,” shares Ahmad Moradi, the Founder and CEO of NETSTAIRS. During an exclusive conversation with Mirror Review, Ahmad shares his thoughts about being a responsible leader to successfully leading a growing company like NETSTAIRS. According to Ahmad, one should be true to oneself—be a good listener, seek advice while learning, and apply what’s best. One shouldn’t give up neither allow negative energy into life.

An Ultimate Leader Learned from Personal Experiences

Who is your ideal leader and why?

In my world, there is no ideal leader. I admire many. Let me explain why. As a child, I played in all sorts of competitive sports and always excelled in every sport. However, I knew I needed more until, at the age of 12, I was exposed to mountain climbing. It was a team expedition and I learned how I needed others as they needed me. I learned how intrinsically I must excel and work in order to produce qualitative & quantitative results. I also inspired myself learning from history. While I majored Math and Science, I studied Greek Philosophies, Zoroastrians, Bhagavat Purana, Bhagavad Gita, Bible, Torah, Zohar, Sufi, Rumi, and other scriptures. It inspired me to reach higher frequency of thoughts. I knew one must remove himself/herself from human bodily conception to reach a higher dimension. Hence, I began to trust my own instincts. Today, I perform prescribed duties without attachment. As a doer of the field of activity, I devote and grant the result to the knower of the field.

Ahmad Moradi quote

According to Lord Buddha, giving up the materialistic world and achieving self-illumination is the path to become a true leader. Hence intelligence, knowledge, freedom from doubt and delusion, forgiveness, truthfulness, control of the senses, control of the mind, happiness, fearlessness, nonviolence, equanimity, satisfaction, austerity, charity, are part and parcel of transcendental elevation. Through the mode of goodness, life energy elevates into the higher discovery of knowledge. Hence, once liberated from materialism, a great leader’s work endures time. Look at Tesla or Dr. Porsche’s automobile design. They are timeless

Treating the Team with Absolute Love helps All to Elevate

As a leader, what are the challenges you must face and how you conquer them?

Dealing with fear, personal demons, self-doubts, and challenges both at home and work is a part of every human’s struggle that impacts our daily lives. One must choose wisely. A leader must take account both at the micro and macro level with responsibilities of his/her actions. Treating team members and a circle of friends/colleagues with “Absolute Love” without prejudice helps all to elevate.

It makes us transcend to a higher dimension of knowledge beyond 3D perception where discoveries flow. As one realizes the purity of soul manifested within our body, we learn that our spiritual, ethereal, and physical bodies combined make us holy. We must learn how to manage compassion, avoid ignorance, and struggles with the challenges of life. We must make sound decisions that will have a profound impact on all. Hence, a leader must become aware of all actions and equal opposite reactions that could become a shining beacon of light for the generation to come. After all, we’re timeless pure energy, frequency, and wave (vibes) that make up the entire perpetual existence.

NETSTAIRS brings Video and Web Real-Time Communications to Life

How will you define NETSTAIRS?

As stated at our web site’s home page “Real-Time Communications is the genesis of an insightful digital transformation to the digital economy by connecting creative minds, machine intelligence while embracing human diversity around the world”, we bring positive change to the world through video and real-time broadcasts, collaborations, and communications. NETSTAIRS comes with a single passion. We love VIDEO.  Every five (5) years, we have reinvented ourselves. Today, we bring Video and Web Real-Time Communications to life.  We develop interactive Broadcast, Collaboration, and Communications Platform as a Service. We call it iBCC-PaaS running on our Interactive Content Delivery Network (iCDN), serving a variety of clients around the globe including but not limited to serving Governments, Industries, Enterprise, Brands, Production Houses, TV Networks, Publishers, and Ad Agencies.

At NETSTAIRS, we do what we say and deliver unparalleled results to our clients. With Ph.D. studies in AI since early 90’s plus 40 years of devotion to the ICT industry, I apply the science of video, AI, workflow, Blockchain, IoE, Smart Cities initiatives, distance learning, telehealth, and entertainment broadcast with art and science serving the market. Today, we have positioned NETSTAIRS to embrace ever-constant changes that come with video and broadcast services. We continue to remain visionary as we have done so over the last 19+ years and lead the market. We are a part of high-spirited catalysts who embrace change and empower clients with the leading-edge solutions and help them to leapfrog serving own GEO IP market.

We do not Compete but Excel Ourselves as a Team

Tell us something about your team at NETSTAIRS?

My team(s) comes from a different set of cultures and diversity. As a team leader, I embrace them. They are always being challenged with personal and business hindrances. The idea is to guide them to learn how wonderful their presence within an organization is and how their contributions matter. We help each other to manifest and overcome the challenges at every level of our work. Bottom line, we do not compete. I expect my team to excel themselves. This is about the higher self. Creating a sense of purpose in which they could become the next leaders in their own endeavors while embracing them to learn from own experiences, we strive for excellence.

In addition to 2018-2020 release of PIXEL by NETSTAIRS, we will be releasing 5G enabled ZIMZIM cloud services. ZIMZIM beta release is planned for Mid-Summer 2019 followed by its official roll out into production, which can deliver group video broadcast, communications and collaboration services via zimzim.video.

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