Shrishail Rana: Towing The Boat Of Systweak While Ensuring Continual Upgrades

Shrishail Rana

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Mirror Review recently had a dialogue with Shrishail Rana, the CEO of Systweak Software. We asked him a curious set of questions to unfold his journey of leading the company while tackling the digital change. Taking a sneak peek into his extensive professional life, Shrishail shared his personal opinions. He said, “A leader foresees things that others can’t and hence is able to guide the team through all challenges and encourages them to create something unique and truly majestic.”

Shrishail always strives to follow his ideal leaders—Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos. He considers Steve Jobs as one of the great leaders who have left their signature in technology and business. Shrishail respects his work at Apple and other companies like Pixar, Walt Disney, and NeXT. Taking inspiration from these leaders, Shrishail wants to give the best to his clients, but how? Here are the excerpts:

Leading through an Example

As a leader, what are the challenges you face and how do you conquer them?

As quoted by Mr. Jobs himself, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and follower”. This stands totally true as I believe that a good leader is not just a person in charge of things, but is also a thinker and innovator with adequate mastery of the subject.

Therefore, my biggest challenge as a leader is to ensure that the organization always works towards a common goal. Since the world of Information Technology is quite expansive, newer organizations can often find themselves clueless in the ocean of various niches. Hence, it is essential for a leader to identify a common goal/niche that facilitates its stable growth. My role as a leader dictates me to ensure the best interests of the organization while making sure that the team trusts in my vision. Hence, it is essential to lead through an example so others can put their trust in my decisions and guidance.

Thriving Ahead with a Great Team of Professionals

What is the importance of a team for a leader?

Having a great leader is certainly a benefit, but having a great team is a blessing. Thankfully, I can say the same about my team. Without the immense collaboration efforts from my team members, it would certainly not be the same organization as it is right now. A good leader can take the team far, but greatness can’t really be achieved without the support of the team and the dedicated members that complete it.

At Systweak, we take pride in the fact that we have worked hard in the last 20 years to make computing better for the common user. Our team has focused on the naïve and the uninitiated and provided them the security and cover that is needed when online, or while using their devices. The happy emails from our customers with stories of how their parents feel safer and more comfortable around their devices make the entire effort worthwhile.

Benefitting Clients with Advanced and Simple Solutions

How will you define Systweak Software?

While it is hard to put Systweak’s activities in a nutshell, making technology more accessible and approachable has been one of our prime goals. Emphasis on UI simplification and user-friendliness is our specialty. Most of our software and apps follow a self-guiding process to tweak and fix various issues and settings in their devices. Moreover, applying the same ideology to a multitude of tech niches has helped us secure quite a unique stand in the market. Money seems to be a by-product when compared to the satisfaction that we get by helping our customers!

Systweak products, be it software for desktop computers or apps for mobile devices, have always focused on solving/fixing complex system issues in just a few steps. We believe that advanced technology is always beneficial for users but it shouldn’t be overly complicated for novices that could limit its benefits.

Preparing for the Changing Present & Future

How do you envision the future of your company over the next decade?

The next decade is surely going to be a busy one for Systweak, as we’re soon expanding our reach over Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality. A more serious push in the mobile gaming industry is also one of our major areas of attention in the coming months. Practically, a decade is a very long time for the IT industry. Many companies that were pioneers in their segments in the last decade are not even in the same products or services; some have even gone out of business. New players have taken their place and disrupted the entire industry! We want to ensure that we keep innovating and providing value to our consumers, in the next decade and thereafter.

In the coming days, Systweak Software aims to be a global brand and household name. But personally, I want our work to inspire others towards making our technology-driven future more simplified. Technology should be viewed as a benign convenience rather than a consumerist gimmick, thus making it more practical. I would like the world to be a safer place for the uninitiated and also like technology to assist in that, in whatever manner possible.

Have a Dream and Work Hard to fulfill it!

What advice would you like to offer to the young leaders?

My advice to the young leaders is to keep dreaming and work hard to achieve those dreams. Mankind wouldn’t have achieved whatever we did without the dreamers. Who would’ve thought that man would walk on the moon or send a probe into stars! Someone had a dream and they worked hard to fulfill it, and those thought leaders are what we need in this world. The young leaders should not have fear of failure, for Edison had 3,000 designs of the light bulbs and only 1 of them worked!

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