The 30 Most Creative CEOs of 2018

The serial entrepreneur, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Shutterstock feels that creativity is fluid and continuously evolving as technology provides additional means and tools to be more creative. Today, with numerous resources at public disposal, there is no reason why people cannot start working on their big ideas right away. If individuals run into any problems or questions, there are existing entrepreneurs and creators who can ….
Vivek Mehra
Vivek Mehra: Presenting Creative Solutions For Vehicle Parking Dilemmas
Sharing his insights on defining creativity, Vivek Mehra, Founder & ...
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Vicky Taslim
Vicky Taslim: Intellectual & Dynamic Leader Behind the Panca Budi Group
Being brought up in a rich, ancestral culture, Vicky Taslim, ...
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Valery Herrington
Valery Herrington: Globally Delivering Powerful Business Technology Solutions
It is best known that leadership is a much sought-after ...
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Tyrone Carroll
Tyrone Carroll: Reengineering The World Of IP Networking With Innovative Concepts
Creativity does not always imply a radical idea; rather the ...
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Ruslan Desyatnikov
Ruslan Desyatnikov: Transfiguring The Future Of QA Industry Through Vision & Innovations
Successful entrepreneur and change-savvy leader, Ruslan Desyatnikov, Founder & CEO ...
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Ran Rachlin
Ran Rachlin: Delivering Innovative Cloud Based Management Tools For Mobile Applications And Websites
According to the Co-founder & CEO of Ubertesters, Ran Rachlin, ...
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Piyush Khaitan
Piyush Khaitan: The Guiding Light & Visionary Behind NeoGrowth
As the famous American journalist and commentator, Bill Moyers quotes, ...
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Muhhammad Rahimtoola
Muhammad Rahimtoola: Bringing New Waves of Digital Innovations In Businesses
Creativity, according to Muhammad Rahimtoola, Founder & Executive Director of ...
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Michael Grove
Michael Grove: The Story of the CollabWorks® Founder
Professionally qualified as an aeronautical engineer and mathematician, Michael Grove, ...
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Justin Ullman
Justin Ullman: Solving the Big Content Issue With A Unique Cloud-Based Platform
In an ordinary world, when people think about creativity, they ...
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Jose Oliveira
Jose Oliveira: Delivering Analytics Solutions On A Grand Scale
As the acclaimed classical Greek philosopher, Plato quotes, “Human behaviour ...
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Jorge Cortell
Jorge Cortell: Pioneering Entrepreneur Behind Kanteron Systems
When Founder & CEO of Kanteron Systems, Jorge Cortell met ...
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VerseOne Digital Transformation
VerseOne Digital Transformation
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Augmented Reality & Its Impact In the World of Industries
Augmented Reality & Its Impact In the World of Industries
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