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Jose Oliveira

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As the acclaimed classical Greek philosopher, Plato quotes, “Human behaviour flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.” José Oliveira, Co-founder & CEO of BI4ALL too finds joy in living life based on emotion and passion. Sharing his philosophy towards life and success, José implies, “In order to be happy, we have to be very organized in our personal life and convey this relationship between happiness and responsibility to everyone around us. I also learned that it is important to work our peace of mind so that we can pass on this tranquility and live happily by fulfilling our goals. I fully believe that one can combine the emotional side of life with the rational in everything we do.”

José began his professional journey by working in the multinational companies where he undertook the roles of an IT Manager and Business Unit Manager. However, the latter business responsibility made him realize his true calling towards becoming an entrepreneur.

Today, armored with true values of focus, commitment and determination, José leads BI4ALL with passion and ambition. Under his guidance and leadership, the Analytics & Big data solutions provider company has grown from strength to strength over the years, with continuous achievement of the established goals as well as fulfilling the requirements of its employees and clients.

BI4ALL: Creative Platform for Analytics Solutions

BI4ALL arose, from the need to create, not just any company, but a company like BI4ALL. Since 2004, the Co-founders (José Oliveira, CEO, Andro Moreira, Partner and Hugo Pinto, Partner) have been totally focused on the success of their clients. Nonetheless, the road to success is not easy to navigate. In the initial days of building BI4ALL, the Co-founders had to work really hard and prove themselves before approaching the potential customers. The fact that the organization was small but with a high level of specialization was its competitive advantage.

Today, José along with his team has an extensive experience in responding to the specific set of challenges and business requirements of different industries. They understand the needs of their clients and add real value to organizations through the expertise and mastery of powerful solutions. The dedication of the teams, combined with the audacity that makes the company look for the best solutions for its clients, is the foundation that allows affirming BI4ALL as a reference in the area of Analytics and Big Data.

BI4ALL’s Mission, Vision, Positioning & Values

Mission: BI4ALL intends to support organizations in achieving better levels of performance and effectiveness in accomplishing their objectives by optimizing their performance control systems and improving the decisions of their management structure.

Vision: BI4ALL vision is to create value beyond expectations.

Positioning: BI4ALL positions itself as a ‘change enabler’, that is, facilitator and promoter of change in organizations by continuously improving a series of integrated methodologies and solutions aimed for excellence.

Values: BI4ALL is based on following set of values.

  • Seriousness and Rigor: The Analytics solutions provider company’s approach, proposals and concrete projects are based on the basic ethical principles of dedication, professionalism, confidentiality and rigor in its commitments.
  • Security and Customer Focus: BI4ALL is focused on the needs of each customer, with the methodologies and technologies considered most appropriate.

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Positive Work Environment

BI4ALL has a very people-oriented culture, promoting the family environment and proximity, but also giving them the knowledge and the best tools to do their job. The positive feedback from its employees and knowing that they are happy to work with BI4ALL is one of the main strategic pillars of BI4ALL. Till today, it is significant to enable professionals to collaborate with the growth of the organization, motivate them and make them feel as a fundamental part of the company’s development. It is also necessary to listen and uplift the employees, create training opportunities that allow them to constantly update their skills, and to manage the environment in order to create a collaborative spirit and a culture of trust that fosters their growth and development.

BI4ALL bets on its continued appreciation along with the hiring of the best talents. The entire team of BI4ALL is made up of highly qualified professionals with a huge experience in the field of technology. On the other hand, the management and marketing strategy supports the recognition and business growth over the years. In huge organizations where the end product is services, the weight of the employees is also very large. Acknowledging that the employees are the biggest assets of an organization, BI4ALL has a strong HR structure to assist them in tough times along with the visionary CEO.

Evolution of Technology Over Time

The Co-founder & CEO of BI4ALL feels that human species are continuously evolving with time. The younger generation is already born clinging to an iPad or a smartphone. It is only natural that with the growth of these generations, all the iteration dynamics with users will also be affected by the new IT geeks. In terms of technology, all the topics related to Machine Learning, Big Data, Predictive Analytics and others have come to bring new disciplines to the modern business world.

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