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Valery Herrington: Globally Delivering Powerful Business Technology Solutions

Valery Herrington

It is best known that leadership is a much sought-after skill and an innate quality which cannot be purchased or acquired in the human sense. It varies significantly by numerous factors, categories of style and situations that cannot be defined under a single definition. Moreover, the essence of experience and leadership for business success also varies significantly. Studies in leadership for executives focus primarily on their financial oversight and less on the other essential factors. Coming full circle to the capability for leading and driving success with rare crucible-style leadership is synonymous to Valery HerringtonCXO of Herrington Technology.

During her elementary days, Valery pursued a tough class in computer science when few girls could participate and worked with home computers that were not well understood by most educated adults at that time. Since then, futuristic vision, drive, and innate talent to tackle something entirely new as well as create innovative technology has been Valery’s driving force at the helm of Herrington Technology.

Inception of Herrington Technology

Herrington Technology started during the worst economic recession where the founder “started from the ground up” without any resources, funding or facility. Still, Valery and her team continued to work through a very unsettling time of financial and socio-economic crisis in America when most people were struggling to understand the impacts and dealing with the slowing down process in business and economy, along with the following recessionary period that people are still experiencing today.

There were many significant hurdles, pitfalls, and challenges during this tenuous period of history, where Herrington Technology’s firm roots, DNA and business channels along with a cultivated client base started to emerge organically from the ground up. The most significant thing that drove this leading niche, advanced technology and FUTURE-GEN solution provider was its core tough leadership: pushing ahead during a weighty and drawn out economic recession, surviving through an unprecedented set of natural and man-made disasters including a 70-year hurricane and much more. It is this hard-core, pioneering ‘let’s do it’ attitude and consistency in dedication to business operations that build the very strong DNA and backbone of Herrington Technology today.

Herrington Technology: Accelerating Technology Business Solutions

Headquartered in New York, Herrington Technology is a unique technology firm, providing advanced and specialized technology solutions, information systems for business project management and services to small, mid-market, Fortune 90 and World’s Top Companies. Herrington Technology provides SAP Business Software and Hybrid Cloud Managed Services for advanced and accelerated business processing. Moreover, Herrington Technology has World’s Top SAP Technology expert leadership.

The business tech solution provider company has differentiated its products and solutions in terms of market advancement and delivery. This differentiation presents unique offerings that set the quality and capabilities apart from other organizations and solutions. Moreover, Herrington Technology’s designed solutions are branded as well as tailor-made, keeping the requirements of customers in mind. Today, it provides unique brand and in-house methodology along with an innovative customer loyalty and engagement that rivals with the best of what the industry has to offer.

Defying the Odds & Bringing Breakthrough Technologies

Herrington Technology is an emerging brand with capabilities in niche. Also, a large number of global customers and firms are using its advanced technology that is established and recognized by many clients. Owing to this, Valery and her team are excited to play both a supporting and leading role in the tech industry and its economy.

Specialized Technology for Business Services and Solutions

Herrington Technology offers the following plethora of services and solutions for its target customers at a global level.

  • Enterprise ERP Program and Project Management (SAP Accelerated Implementations).
  • Executive Strategic & Trusted Advisor Services.
  • Enterprise Technology Architecture and Design.
  • SAP Software Reseller.
  • SAP HANA Implementation Services.
  • SAP IBM Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and FIN Tech Implementation Services and Solutions.
  • New and Leading Hybrid Cloud Business Continuity, Data Protection (backup/recovery), Data Storage & Encryption.
  • World Class Telecom Services and Solutions (budget focused alternatives).
  • Herrington Technology Brand Label Services and Solutions: PCAAS©
  • Endpoint protection, business continuity, data protection and cyber security solutions and services (MSP).
  • Data center (Telecom/connectivity, evaluations, assessments, services, facility/infrastructure and support).
  • Specialized SAP Business Software Packages, Deployments and Technology.
  • Winshuttle Data Loading Software and Deployments.
  • Emerging Technology Integration (includes mobile, social media and big data).
  • Technology Software and Hardware Solution Right-Sizing.
  • Quantum Processing Services.

Creativity through Herrington Technology’s Vision

For Herrington Technology, creativity means a unique set of differentiated qualities and thinking patterns that morph, evolve, change and emerge in parallel, resulting in a highly specialized, owner-driven business and operations.  In some cases, it also includes exciting and new go-to-market solutions for customers and clients. At Herrington Technology, creativity is an essential component of its internal DNA & leadership, emerging in many different facets of its enterprise organizational footprint, delivery models and R&D, along with brand label solutions. It requires both an art of creativity and the art of science to adroitly run the leading solutions provider organization as well as deliver premium FUTURE-GEN solutions and services for its clients and customers.

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Unique Solutions for Every Generation

Herrington Technology is a global technology firm offering solutions and services to multiple generations. This has the overall potential to result in additional areas of creativity and new technology delivery. In order to achieve this, highly specialized know-how is required to bring it to relevance for customers and clients due to increasing complexities. Herrington Technology has the capabilities to drive through this form of socio-economic change, on the frontier curve of advanced technology. In all, the leading tech firm embraces the opportunity to work and collaborate with cross-generations in new and exciting ways as well as support the workforce of the future initiatives.