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According to the Co-founder & CEO of Ubertesters, Ran Rachlin, creativity means putting the thought and energy for refining things and then combining many unrelated topics together through brainstorming towards finding a feasible new solution for the existing challenges and needs. Furthermore, a creative person must possess impressive communication aptitude, questioning mindset, analytical skills, alongside practical and realistic clarity for execution of tasks.

Primarily, Ran started his career in sales as well as excelled in it too. The CEO of Ubertesters credits his initial choice of career for shaping his core values of perseverance, honesty, drive and the ability to work hard, in order to become a top producer. Sharing his professional experience in sales, Ran explains, “As I started to advance in my career, my shared knowledge and teachings reflected through the progress and success of my team. Today, I try to focus on inspiring others while leading by example, showing optimism, lots of energy and tutoring the importance of accountability.”

In 2013, after recognizing a true need for a different type of software testing solutions from his previous experience, Ran incepted Ubertesters. However, the founding team of Ubertesters needed global testers with devices to test their developed mobile apps on different devices, different languages, and carriers, but unfortunately could not find a flexible, affordable solution. So, Ran along with his team came up with the concept of Crowd Testing where a large community of global freelance testers are ready to test any product for customers and provide a list of bugs. The main challenge that Ran faced was to build a large community of global QA experts that fit into the profile and are willing to test during their free time for capital. Today, the leading management tools provider company has over 30,000 such global testers in its community.

Ubertesters: Top Destination for Software Testing Solutions of Digital Products

Located in New Jersey, USA, Ubertesters offers a complete, end-to-end, software testing solution for digital products to help organizations for beta testing their digital products, prior to launching them. Following mentioned are its holistic solutions.

  • SaaS product: It is a robust platform for managing the entire mobile beta testing process and teams.
  • Crowd Testing: This service offers expertise from globally oriented professional testers who are available for hire with devices for most flexible and cost-effective global testing under real-life conditions.
  • Offshore outsourcing: These services are provided by QA experts based in Ubertesters East European facilities.

Thus, any organization in a need for beta testing can find the right solution with Ran and his team to help them in launching their digital products with confidence, knowing it’s bug-free.

Standing Tall in the Competitive Market

Ran believes that the main differentiation factor for Ubertesters is its superb customer service and support. The decision maker and his team are part of a very sensitive phase of their client’s product launch process. Ubertesters offer the most flexible, cost-effective way to scale the client’s software testing, thereby allowing them to test globally, in real-life conditions, with real people, using real devices and all within a short duration.

Leading by an Example

As a CEO of a start-up, Ran feels that the founder must be the leading force behind the sales activity as well as sales management. Therefore, he makes it a point to be in direct and constant dialogues with his major clients and sometimes even makes the actual sales call. Moreover, the multitalented leader considers that the growth and development of people is the highest role of the leader. Ran, too, devotes at least 30%-40% of his time for developing the skill set of his team.

Ran’s Philosophy towards Work and Success

The first thing that I learned is to listen to my inner voice about any idea or concept that I wish to pursue. When you start asking others about their opinion, it’s their nature to be negative. People have the tendency to see the worst outcome of things. So, if I stumble across a good idea, I do all the analysis, believe in the concept, attempt and execute it. Further, I truly believe that we must create good for others as well. This is the only way for success – creating a product/service that can truly benefit others. This is also the only way to improve your community, and to make a profit as a result. Lastly, I’m a great believer in Nike’s motto of ‘Just do it’. You can’t create anything if you are not actively doing it or putting the required energy into its execution.

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Minding the Creativity Gap between Generations

Ran strongly believes that there is a vast creativity gap between old and young generations (millennial) in terms of beliefs and code of behaviour. The young generation is born into technology, actively involved in social media, technologically obsessed and finds new digital ways to improve things, leading to more creativity. The older generation, on the other hand, is more into work stability, hard work and loyal to the workplace. Today, the young people dream of creating start-ups and changing the world. They seek ideas from Pinterest, YouTube and Facebook instead of referring the traditional magazines. However, in the modern world, enormous amount of entrepreneurs’ hubs and shared workplaces allow youngsters to create faster and better solutions while learning from each other.

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