The 20 Most Admired Companies of 2018

An assessment of tropical forest resources, carried out by FAO and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), estimated the total area of closed forest in tropical Africa to be a little more than 216 million ha in 1980. Productive forest was estimated at 163 million ha and 53 million ha were considered protective as they were located in swampy areas, mountainous regions, national parks, and other conservation areas. Open forest, commonly known as woodland savannah, was estimated ….
Wanchain Cross-Chain Functionalities
Wanchain: Enabling Cross-Chain Functionalities With Ethereum And Bitcoin

With the rapid rise of blockchain technology, there are thousands …

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Vivial: Connecting Businesses to their Customers

Today, consumers are more connected to technology than ever before. …

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Gracious F
The Gracious F:Tapping Into The Color Psychology To Improve The Aesthetic Value

Businesses have become global and much more competitive with thriving …

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Seceon Cybersecurity
Seceon: Proactive Breach Avoidance and Mitigation-Comprehensive Cybersecurity for Digital-Era

Today’s digitally connected world promises to deliver tremendous efficiencies and …

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Rego Techno Solutions
Rego Techno Solutions: Building Custom-Made Creative and Technical Web Solutions

The global market for managed IT services reached $166.7 billion …

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ParqEx Parking Problems
ParqEx: Easing The Parking Problems In One Click

Modern technology has already become an essential part of modern …

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Mezzofy Digital Coupon Marketing
Mezzofy: Easing the Digital Coupon Marketing

Social media has changed the whole marketing scenario, taking everything …

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Memcorp Immersive Learning
Memcorp Immersive Learning: Gamifying The Learning Process Using Pioneering Technologies

In today’s modern world, rapidly changing technologies are altering the …

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Kaaspro: Designing Cloud-Based Healthcare Products To Help Entire Healthcare Arena

Over the last few years, healthcare is fast becoming a …

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Click Prompt Technologies Cloud-Powered Analytics
Click Prompt Technologies: Driving Cloud-Powered Analytics to Enhance the Clients’ Products and Services

In recent years, the service industry has drastically changed so …

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CannaSOS Cannabis-Based Medicines
CannaSOS: Raising Awareness About Cannabis-Based Medicines With Its Social Network

With countries moving towards the legalization of marijuana for medicinal …

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Expert Insights

enterprise internet
The evolving enterprise internet

The evolution of enterprise internet connectivity has been an interesting …

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Simon Edström CEO at Instantor
How companies can make intelligent decisions and deal with risk in a better way?

The last few years have been transformational for the banking …

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Enterprise Business Solutions
Enterprise Business Solutions: The Most Profitable Area to Alleviate the Business Growth

A decade earlier, enterprise business solutions were little more costly …

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Rise of the Machines

Meet the Vector by Anki, a Smart Pet Assistant for Home
Meet the Vector by Anki, a Pet Assistant for Home

Long ago, scientists had predicted that robots would be living …

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