Kaaspro: Designing Cloud-Based Healthcare Products To Help Entire Healthcare Arena


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Over the last few years, healthcare is fast becoming a large sector, generating huge employment as well as revenues. Today, the current healthcare scenario is bubbling with growth, assisted by unprecedented technologies.

With the revolutionary cloud-based technology, Kaaspro has presented reliable products, Electronic Health Record Software systems and School Management Software systems, which are based on new concepts and help to cut costs in the respective industries.

In an exclusive conversation with Mirror Review, Kumar Subramaniam, the Founder & CEO of Kaaspro introduces the unique range of services offered by the leading cloud-based service provider company. Likewise, Kumar shares essential steps that Kaaspro follows to fulfill clients’ requirements. Here are the interesting extracts.

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The current healthcare industry is about to witness a giant leap, thanks to innovative medical information technology products that are being rolled out. With significant achievements made possible by the foray of technologies in critical factors such as improvement in clinical outcomes and mortality rate, health information technology is going to find increased adoption and innovations. Not only assisting but also enhancing superior clinical skills while increasing business risk-taking ability, technology has proved to bring in fruitful results in the contemporary healthcare industry.

Demand for increased care quality and patient participation has ensured that healthcare technology products such as electronic medical records as well as practice management systems are being widely adopted and implemented according to unique needs of practices and clinician offices. As health awareness and income levels are increasing, there has been better consciousness among individuals about their health management. Shifting reimbursement models, as well as changes in governmental policies and compliance requirements, also point to the need for extensive use of electronic systems in medical industry, that are accurate, efficient, and absolutely reliable.

Tell us about your company and its unique range of services. In the modern era of digitization, how Kaaspro has incorporated these changes in its working environment?

In 2010, I envisioned and incorporated Kaaspro. Since its inception, my team and I have served the community with quite a few IT products. Kaaspro has strongly believed that health information systems, especially web apps are destined to provide medical world with easier access, more communicative rendering, and highly efficient output.

Kaaspro has conceptualized, developed, and taken ahead with the motto of serving the community and healthcare professionals with the best possible healthcare technology solutions. In line with the current requirements, we have been designing and developing efficient healthcare technology products. We make it a point that our products streamline administrative and financial processes in medical practices while helping physicians and healthcare facilities to improve their efficiency and care quality.

Going with the current trend of digitization, we have ensured that our clients get to stay ahead of competition and are able to move on to the next level in quality and efficiency. As more number of medical facilities realize the need for digital systems for running their practices effectively, our products such as 75Health EHR and Practice Management Software are being considered a common working culture among global medical organizations.

What are the crucial steps that Kaaspro takes to fulfill the client requirements? According to you, what holds the company together during the difficult times?

Kaaspro has been active in achieving deep insights about clients. For this, we have ensured that our team of enthusiastic and dedicated professionals, belonging to varied domains work in sync with our clients and their staff in their own work setting. Having understood the practical needs and the processes that need prior attention, our professionals design the system that specifically takes care of user requirements.

In order to fully satiate our clients’ specific requirements, we ensure that our technology products are accessible by clients’ preferred devices and all they need is an internet-enabled device. Convenient access, accurate and reliable information, and client-specific solutions are what make us capable of winning clients. Our organization believes in spending individual attention to each of our clients and their unique needs to serve them with the most appropriate solutions. This is what sets us apart from others and enables us to sustain during all the ups and downs.

Our readers would like to know about your personal journey. As a CEO of a leading company, what role do you play in its operations and growth?

I have had the pleasure of incorporating one of the most forward-looking technology companies that focuses exclusively on enhancing the quality and efficiency of healthcare providers and increasing the safety and overall well-being of the community. Having embarked on a journey with a specific vision to empower clients with reliable medical information and assisting medical service providers in offering the most optimal care, I have come across several unexpected challenges from different quarters. As the dedicated CEO of Kaaspro, inculcating the tradition of efficient and simplified working using intelligent systems has been my unswerving focus. Every product of Kaaspro is developed with the intention of facilitating medical professionals to function efficiently while enhancing patient care.

In tune with the contemporary trend of using the cloud, we have unleashed our latest products based on cloud technology that makes them easily accessible and reliable. For achieving this, I have always stayed close with our enthusiastic and efficient team, drawing valuable inputs from each of our team members, and encouraging individual and organizational development that leads to not only organizational success but also clients’ success.

How does your company stand apart from its competitors?

Along with the passion for excellence, Kaaspro believes in accomplishing an effective blend of people and leadership. By understanding our clients’ exact requirements and providing them superior services for their progress while ensuring their patients’ safety, we set benchmarks in the healthcare industry. With HIPAA-Compliance and matching all industry standards, we have been growing our clients’ businesses.

These are the key distinguishing factors that help set ourselves apart from competition and stand ahead:

  • To stay ahead and prove ourselves, we constantly maintain the culture of fostering an entrepreneurial thinking, innovation, and calculative risk-taking.
  • We make processes error-free and completely reliable by adopting continuous learning and documentation of industry-best practices so that we can implement them in all our products.
  • To make healthcare affordable, efficient, and supportive to the varied sectors of people in the modern world, we make use of the most modern and secure platforms such as the cloud.

Tell us about your privileged clientele base and the ongoing projects.

We have our client base spread across the globe, the major being in the US, followed closely by India. Physicians’ practices, hospitals, specialty healthcare organizations, medical practices, and facilities of all sizes and types are being served by us in the modern medical environment. Our vast range of medical information software includes electronic medical record, electronic health record, practice management system, and personal health record.

In regards to our ongoing projects, the innovative my health record and hospital management systems that aim at easing the lives of individuals and medical practices respectively are about to be rolled out for use shortly. We wish to inform our clients that we are constantly evolving and making the essential tweaks that enable us to provide effective solutions to them. This will facilitate them in effectively meeting their challenges on a regular basis.

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