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Click Prompt Technologies Cloud-Powered Analytics

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In recent years, the service industry has drastically changed so as the behavior of customers. Today’s tech-savvy individuals don’t want to interact with anyone and hate waiting for customer support to solve the issue; instead, they want to be self-served to solve their problems related to a product or service. With the market domination of IoT devices, everyone has their own devices and is using these smart things to perform functions that were normally not possible from a handheld before. The use of advanced technologies and quick service are becoming essential aspects for every service company, which is being utilized by Click Prompt Technologies, LLC.

Based in Orlando, USA, Click Prompt Technologies recognized that there is a need in the market to understand customer data and pain points, but it should be done in a proactive manner. On the basis of that, the leading self-service company developed a platform to understand customer behavior in real-time and use that same data to translate customer patterns and future potential.

Serving Multiple Industries With QRCODE Technology

Click Prompt uses a simple QRCODE Technology, QRCODE is placed throughout multiple areas of a property, restaurant or a facility where the user can interface directly with the staff by using any smart device, whether a smartphone, tablet or anything that has access to the internet and a camera. They would be provided with numerous questions that are specific to the area and they can report their feedback immediately; furthermore, the feedback goes to a live person who is on the property. That person immediately addresses the concern on the spot or within minutes without having a single word with customers, which in turn, radically reduces the service time.

The implementation is the coolest part of the whole thing. It is a cloud-based solution, and once the customer does the initial sign-up, they would set up campaigns having a set of questions. One can have campaigns, according to his usage of services like front desk, restroom, pool, or restaurant. Within the campaigns, the questions are formed in such a way that they would address each of these areas. The campaigns can be simple or complex as per the scenario, but the actual setup process is very straightforward.

Satisfying Clients’ With Fast Problem Solving Services

Click Prompt’s exclusive feature, QRCODE, has the flexibility to be randomly used across the world for several purposes. The most unique fact about the leading service company is that it picked on a niche area like the Service Industry. Click Prompt intends to partner with e-commerce giants to improve customer satisfaction and assist an organization to dynamically adjust to the competing retail demand. The ability to identify the customer needs proactively enables Click Prompt to sell services more efficiently and more satisfactorily in the future sales and future engagements with customers. The service industry is in heavy need of a revamp and many organizations are going out of business due to lack of customer support. This is the point at which Click Prompt stays ahead, its tool allows clients to be self-proficient in raising concerns or raising needs and wants.

Currently, Click Prompt is working with several large hospitality resorts in Orlando and some other parts of the world including Brazil. Furthermore, the rapidly expanding company is offering its comprehensive technology and services in Universities and Dorms, having discussions with automotive groups. With such a fast worldwide expansion, Click Prompt has entered LatAm and other areas outside the US.

Founder Applying New Strategies in the Growth of Click Prompt

Having a passion about technology from his childhood, Junior Belardo the Founder of Click Prompt technologies has established Click Prompt in 2015. Since establishment, Belardo has expanded the capabilities of Click Prompt using new strategies and implementations. Belardo is a dynamic entrepreneur and he has been leading his company to the new peaks of success. With his team, he has developed an automated video that would guide the clients by setting up the campaigns and then setting up the actual questions. After sign up, they would scan actual QR codes that are attached in their respective locations. All of that can be done within an hour. It is very easy and user intuitive. Users do not need any technical skills to do any of this and it is self-guided in the software.

Enhancing the Services Using Feedback from Partners and Clients

Click Prompt is utilizing numerous pilot programs by using the feedback from business partners as well as clients. Implementing up to date services with the visibility to a customer concern ahead of time resulted in an extremely positive feedback from the customers. Additionally, minimizing the impact to the business or brand gives the company an opportunity to react to a potential situation in a proactive manner with an exceptionally short response time.

Moreover, the Orlando based Click Prompt interviewed a few customers who utilized its services. In their feedback, Click Prompt found that its clients liked being able to report concerns while maintaining anonymous (if chosen to) via their own device. Consumer complaints were registered and actioned with a swift response back mechanism; all done without ever even speaking to anyone or concerns. Click Prompt team found that when the customer gets a response immediately and a resolution to an issue within an acceptable window of time, the service provider is more likely to get positive feedback from the customer.

Rising Fast With New Partnerships

Started as a self-funded initiative, two years ago, Click Prompt soon comprehended that through its quality services and loyal business partners, it needs to partner with industry leaders to reach its dynamic vision. The leading service company is looking to move into a series of fundraising. Currently, Click Prompt is speaking with several large investors to raise the fund for the enhancements and developments of the product and marketing campaigns as well as the additional components that the company aims to launch in the global market.

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