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Social media has changed the whole marketing scenario, taking everything online. And now, cryptocurrency is impacting how people are acquiring wealth and spending money. While many industries have been unsettled by the digital revolution, the coupon industry remains largely untouched. There is a notion floating around prevalently that digital coupons can exacerbate the fraud problem, which could cost companies and corporations millions of dollars annually. Therefore, brands are utilizing blockchain and sophisticated artificial intelligence technology for reducing fraud exponentially, as a result, saving their millions of dollars in transaction fees, and fostering closer relationships with consumers.

Blockchain technology not only raises the base standard but also impedes online crooks, leveraging its inherent transparent and incorruptible qualities. Using blockchain as a bargaining chip, online scammers can no longer create fake coupons, buy items with forged coupons and alter coupon values. Because, every coupon is not only personalized to each specific recipient but is also logged in the digital ledger, after its redemption. To cater the clients worldwide for digital coupon marketing, Mezzofy is planning to make their platform, blockchain based which will help to make the digital coupon with lower transaction cost, more secure, easier for sharing and increase sales for the client.

Mezzofy, Enabling Clients Create Digital Coupons Dynamically

Instituted in Hong Kong in 2014, Mezzofy first started to build the system for retail business including POS & Inventory, and later focused on digital coupon system for enterprise. In 2016, Mezzofy converted the digital coupon system into the global digital coupon platform which enabled worldwide merchants to use it at very low cost.

Mezzofy has made a mark for itself as the Global Digital Coupon Platform. The company treats digital coupon not just as a marketing tool, but also as a financial tool to settle the payment. That’s the reason behind the dominance of Mezzofy in the Global Digital Coupon Platform race.

Leader with Vast Marketing Knowledge Driving the Company

CEO of Mezzofy, Dicky Ying, holds a Bachelor Degree in Marketing and a Master Degree in E-commerce and has over 20 years of experience in retail business. Initially, he started his career with retail business and then gradually moved to e-commerce. Now, he is leading the IT company to develop the digital coupon business. Dicky is mainly responsible for the marketing strategy and company direction. He is the one who decided to take the platform onto blockchain basis.

Keeping the Clients Satisfied

Mezzofy Digital Coupon Platform helps merchant to create, distribute, redeem, track, and measure the digital coupon. The platform enables the merchant to save cost on coupon marketing campaign, increase the sales via coupon marketing campaign, measure the performance of the coupon marketing campaign and provide the data for the coupon marketing campaign in the future.

Mezzofy’s clients are satisfied with their service as they help cut cost of printing and distribution and make the coupon a lot easier to share and use. The clients are satisfied to the extent that one of their biggest clients extended the service from one retail brand to the other retail brands gradually under the same group. Moreover, they fully launched to all the retail brands under the same group.

Standing Tall In The Global Market

Mezzofy is the leader of the industry and is expected to be among the first to develop a blockchain based coupon platform. But one thing that sets Mezzofy apart from the competitors is the fact that their digital coupon platform handles 200 million coupons at present. Their platform has continuous coupon transactions every second and can handle a threshold of 90,000 transactions per minute. Their platform handles over thousand outlets around the globe. Every coupon has a unique code which logs into ledger, once used. So, it can’t be used again.

Over the next decade, the Mezzofy’s coupon platform is expected to become the standard for the industry. The company is working on building the first global coupon exchange, once they build their own cryptocurrency, named Coupon Chain Token (CCT). This will set them on the course of becoming the Global Leader of the Digital Coupon Marketing.

Serving The Distinct Client base

Mezzofy has a huge client base spread across the globe. The major clients include Starbucks, L’Oréal, GS1, NTT, Maxim’s and Hong Kong International Airport. The ongoing projects include the Token Generation Event (TGE) of Coupon Chain-Token (CCT) and development of blockchain coupon platform. As the company keeps innovating the platform, the client base will keep growing making Mezzofy the Mogul of the Global Coupon Marketing.

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