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Businesses have become global and much more competitive with thriving digital platforms. The bright side of the technology industry is immense awareness, knowledge, and analysis corporations can obtain, fast, and efficiently. In hindsight, digital transformation by means of technology is altering human interaction within a social and professional environment, which is crucial for growth and motivation. Globally, businesses should constantly balance and allocate their resources into new technology in order to stay afloat, perform, and provide the best standards within their services. The Gracious F was established to tap into the immense opportunities that the technology market provides.

The Gracious F, Painting The World With The Middle-Eastern Touch

The Gracious F was instituted more than a decade ago, taping all segments within color psychology in the Middle East Region. The company apart from supporting individuals through the science of color, in aesthetics or their emotional balance, also specializes in the Corporate and Educational segment, in industries such as Interior, Fashion, Luxury Retail, and Marketing.

The priority factor of the company’s business plan was the challenge to launch a niche business concept in a competitive environment with the constant changes in digitization in the modern era. One of the first investments of the company was allocated to Digital Marketing, for which still a large budget is allocated monthly in order to keep enchanting all their digital tools. On Quarterly basis, a new digital tool is added to their platforms in order to facilitate customer engagement and sustain in this competitive digital industry.

CEO Spearheading The Color Consultancy Sector

CEO and Founder of The Gracious F, Fatima Al Shirawi, has a strong educational background and has played a major role in her journey, BA in Sociology and Marketing from George Washington University, Certified Colour Consultant accredited by The Colour Affects Institute. However, when she started her company she had no investment support or setup. This journey of Fatima started as a One Man Show. She has one motto stuck permanently in her mind, learning through research and updating herself in ever-changing tools to perfect her creativity and expertise in the segment of color. She actively participates in the ongoing assignments and strongly believes that a successful CEO supports and participates through mentorship and review of all ongoing projects of their companies. This improves the efficiency in the projects deliverance and in the motivation and passion within the team. She believes in the fact that the team will follow if the leader sets the example first, thus she works with the team as much as possible.

Palettes of Color in The Company’s Dish

The Gracious F provides its services on a broad spectrum, which splits in two– Brand Services, and Corporate Services. These two consist of subsets according to the client requirements.

  • Brand Services–
  • Individual Color Consultation: The Gracious F specializes in color consultation through their in-depth experience with color psychology. They help individuals discover their distinct palette of colors and hues through a color consultation session.

This is done through personality questionnaire, testing of gold and silver on the skin, definitive color test, selection of final color groups.

  • Styling:Fatima combines her creativity along with her experience in color psychology to help clients enhance their styles, the styling report is based on the individuals color report, Their approach to styling at the Gracious F is personalized to the extent that lifestyle and character are taken into account while creating a variety of looks that suit every occasion for each of the clients.
  • Feng Shui: Feng Shui is one of the oldest philosophies of recent times, which is practiced worldwide. It is a system of laws used to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy. These laws are incorporated into the design and organization of the home or office space. Feng Shui creates the optimum balanced environment. Fatima uses her immense knowledge of Feng Shui to release the flow of energy to create favorable surroundings for the clients. She consults the clients to help them design their homes and offices according to FengShui.
  • Interior Consultation: The Company consults the clients for their interior design needs using the science of colour, to create harmony and balance in required spaces with the support of color energy, might that be office or home.
  • Corporate Services–
  • Branding: The Corporate Consultation for Branding includes Brand identity analysis, Group selection for maximum impact globally, Space structure of the office, and creative center to maximize productivity. They also make outline report on identity, marking, office interior, and merchandising.

Living upto The Clients’ Requirements

To fulfill the clients’ needs, Fatima and her team focus on extensive external and internal research of all the factors affecting their clients’ goals. Fatima thinks all other organizations in the similar business; compliment somehow the concept of The Gracious F. The company’s first approach is to see how they could collaborate in the future with similar organizations, in order to create and perform more efficient and greater combination of services within the field of color.

Fatima foresees The Gracious F as the leading color consultancy firm globally over the next decade. This will allow the company to support individuals and corporations in achieving their goals. According to her, the key is to understand that the color psychology is a personal enhancement technique when it comes to organizations and firms, not a philosophy.

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