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Today, consumers are more connected to technology than ever before. While technology and customer behaviors continue to evolve, the one thing that remains unchanged is the need for small and medium-size businesses, franchises, and Fortune 500 companies to make direct connections with customers and interact with them in real-time. To achieve this, businesses need to adapt to the way customers want to find them, not the way they want to be found.

Established in 1910, Vivial has been providing marketing products and services to small and medium-sized businesses across the US for over 100 years. Through the years, the company has grown and evolved to meet the ever-changing shifts in technology, advertising, marketing, and customer behavior.  Today, it is helping clients reach customers quickly and easily, so they can focus on running their businesses effectively.

Vivial’s Versatile Customer Engagement Solutions Powered by Innovation

Vivial is a groundbreaking marketing technology (martech) company that offers a complete range of customer engagement tools to help businesses connect with customers easily. Vivial has partnered with businesses across nearly 6,000 industries, including restaurants, real estate, fitness, animal care, insurance and more, to increase visibility, build loyalty, manage content, and track results using advanced marketing solutions.

The leading martech company, which has dual headquarters in Dayton, Ohio and New York, NY, provides a variety of marketing solutions, including content marketing, social media management, text messaging services, mobile-friendly websites, and the latest local search products to ensure high rankings on Google and other search engines. Ultimately, by providing these solutions, Vivial does the marketing work so clients can focus on running and growing their businesses.

With the introduction of its latest offering, the Mobile Optimizer, Vivial is the only marketing provider in the industry to offer a robust and proprietary online, mobile and social media platform designed to connect local businesses with their target audience. Businesses no longer need multiple providers to manage their omni-channel marketing strategy. Vivial brings together all critical marketing functions under one umbrella, meaning a business owner will have one solution for their needs with a seamless infrastructure and a single point of contact.

Innovation is at the heart of putting businesses in front of the consumers who are searching for the goods and services they provide. Vivial is committed to staying on top of the latest industry trends and conducts research to understand the ways consumer behaviors are changing and how this impacts the businesses that are trying to capture their attention. Vivial develops and implements industry-leading product offerings for companies to adopt to remain relevant in today’s “now” society.

Vivial’s multi-channel solutions are proven to connect brands of all sizes with potential customers while engaging and informing current customers. Vivial has successfully brought the solutions, once only available to Fortune 50 companies, to local and regional business owners.

CEO Advancing the Martech Industry

Jim Continenza,theChairman and CEO of Vivial is a true innovator in the martech industry. Jim’s career began more than 30 years ago as a sales representative, and Jim worked his way through the ranks at numerous technology and telecommunications companies. As a decisive and driven CEO of Vivial, Jim’s foresight, strategic focus, and proven ability to lead and transform has resulted in substantial returns for its clients.

Responsible for the strategic vision of Vivial, Jim is deeply committed to his customers’ experiences by offering a simple and straightforward suite of integrated solutions. To do so, he is innovating and advancing the martech industry by eliminating waste, inefficiency, and complexity, thereby streamlining the way businesses engage with their customers. He also continually strives to innovate by developing and acquiring new technologies that provide companies with a seamless experience to help them reach customers quickly and easily, in turn increasing its ROI with actionable consumer insights.  In the future, Jim will continue to put a stake in the ground to ensure Vivial’s prominent place as a leader in the industry and will strive to find new opportunities to add to the company’s portfolio.

Jim currently serves as the Chairman of the Board for Eastman Kodak, Merrill Corporation, Sorenson Communications, Neff Rental, and Tembec Corp. Jim also serves on the Board of Directors for Broadview Networks and Nextel International.

Standing Ahead with Human Touch

Marketing needs of clients vary across businesses, therefore with its unique solutions, Vivial matches products and services to meet clients’ specific needs. Offering this individualized support is a true differentiator between Vivial and its competitors. While some providers offer the tools needed to manage a business’s online presence, they quite often lack the on-demand support that is included in every Vivial solution.

This on-demand support team consists of an Account Coordinator to oversee the entire program, from monthly performance monitoring to project management. In addition, the business has access to an entire team of content writers and editors to craft and distribute custom content on behalf of their clients. And finally, businesses can also partner with a social media strategist to plan, develop and execute a high performing social media strategy, utilizing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social platforms.

With a continued focus on success, the talented Vivial team balances day-to-day performance objectives with innovation and growth opportunities. Moreover, their shared goals with their clients has transformed Vivial and led to their current leadership position in the martech industry.

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