Memcorp Immersive Learning: Gamifying The Learning Process Using Pioneering Technologies

Memcorp Immersive Learning

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In today’s modern world, rapidly changing technologies are altering the ways things happen in every single industry. As a result, technological improvements are deriving faster and better solutions that have the potential to change the world. Since the last decade, the training and education industry is too going through major technological advancements; technologies such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have transformed the face of learning and training. By making the use of an artificial environment, immersive learning is optimizing the learning process in the most effective manner.

Memcorp Immersive Learning (Memcorp) is a young Indian Edutech company that strives to create training that really matters and stays embedded in the mind of the participants. With a vision to build learning interventions that create the change, Memcorp entered in the field of immersive learning. Incepted in 2016, Memcorp makes products that help teachers and trainers gamify their training.

Based in Mumbai, the learning solutions provider uses advanced technologies to build games that are responsive and simulate life-like scenarios through which people can learn and become better at numerous skills.

An Agile Craftsman behind Memcorp Immersive Learning

Mohsin Memon, the Founder and CEO of Memcorp Immersive Learning, is an immersive learning advocate and a game designer. As the Founder and CEO of Memcorp, Mohsin has helped the organization grow from its birth to what it is today. Using this progressive platform, he has designed Asia’s first immersive learning game: Evolve.

A team builder and an admirable leader, Mohsin considers his colleagues no less than superheroes, helping change the way learning happens. With a team of just six members including him, the Founder and CEO is assisting dynamic leaders to build great organizations ahead.

Unique and Highly Engaging Immersive Learning Solutions

The team of Memcorp understands the clients’ needs thoroughly, puts every bit of their heart and soul in everything they create, and provides the solution that fits the requirement of their users. Memcorp’s products help turn a trainer’s soft skills training program into a game within minutes. The products are offered as monthly and yearly packages, with the choices of number of players and devices used.

One of the highlighting offerings of Memcorp is Evivve, a strategic multiplayer immersive game. This game-based learning tool is used to effectively learn, collaborate, and work as a team. The leading learning solutions providing company makes sure that its offerings are engaging and reflective.

By utilizing various styles and perspectives, Memcorp offers unique games, which are something that can be easily adapted to any kind of training and ultimately leads to reaping maximum benefit for its clients.

Winning the Clients by Exceeding their Expectations

Memcorp has gained some of the most impactful trainers and facilitators around the world as its clients. The online system of Memcorp, being first of its kind, allows trainers/facilitators to be able to conduct a game-based learning session for their participants. Every trainer/facilitator who experiences Memcorp’s game offerings can never get over it and always wish to be a part of its eco-system.


All the companies follow a set of values, which determines their culture and growth in the market. ‘The M Team’ of Memcorp believes in its ‘The M Cores’, which are at the very center of the Memcorp family and dictate what they do. Each letter in the word PRLCAOAPC depicts a powerful core that the team trusts in.

Proactive: With a motto to be proactive, Memcorp asks the team to take charge of their work and create controllable situations. They act without worrying about failing, as they just do it. The team tends to spend time working on things it can control instead of worrying about what they cannot.

Result: Each member of the M team consistently demonstrates strong performance and try to accomplish amazing amounts of important work. They strive to set an example with their work ethic and result orientation by focusing on great results rather than on process.

Learner: With the willingness to unlearn and learn consistently, they consider each success and failure as a learning opportunity.

Care: By holding the emotion of care in the hearts, the team at Memcorp brings on the win/win situation rather than a simple win for oneself. By giving constructive feedback to peers and colleagues, Memcorp’s employees work in the best interest for the organization.

Authentic: As one is known for his/her candor and directness, they say what they think of others and admit their mistakes too. Everyone at Memcorp tries to be so authentic that every action that is inconsistent with its core is questioned.

Owner: Everyone at Memcorp always acts responsibly and coordinates with everyone to get things done instead of waiting for it to be done.

Adaptive: The adaptive employees of Memcorp re-conceptualize issues to discover practical solutions to hard problems and create new ideas that prove useful.

Passion: The passionate and tenacious team at Memcorp inspires others with its thirst for excellence. They care intensely about Memcorp’s success and celebrate wins together.

Curious: With a highly curious nature, each entity in there seeks to understand the Memcorp’s strategy, market, customers and suppliers. They try to master the knowledge of business, technology, and learning and contribute effectively outside of their area of specialty.

Paving the Way with Explicit Attitude

With a set goal to be the best EdTech company in the world, Memcorp doesn’t believe in following the market trends. Rather, the company endeavors to stay one step ahead of its competitors and tries to create something new instead of replicating the market.

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