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CannaSOS Cannabis-Based Medicines

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With countries moving towards the legalization of marijuana for medicinal use, the global cannabis industry is rapidly growing and opening new medical and business opportunities. Canada is on the verge of full cannabis legalization and many businesses are aiming to enter in the field. In Canada, dispensary owners and businesses started applying for licenses to sell cannabis-based medicines. The most interesting thing is that the majority of people are searching for cannabis-related goods in online medical stores. Furthermore, the legalization of marijuana will introduce tough competition in the online retail sector, resulting in cheap prices, better delivery, more products, and overall larger and better customer service. Concerning the growth-rate of the marijuana market and the large traffic on online websites, marijuana online business is estimated to be the fastest evolving sector of the industry.

Canada-based CannaSOS Corp. is a social network for the cannabis industry, which helps cannabis enthusiasts to interact with their peers and businesses. In 2014, Co-founder and CEO of CannaSOS, Oleg Cheine established the leading social network with Co-founders, Luba Kay, and Daniel Cheine. CannaSOS was incepted as a result of an incidence when its Co-founders observed that CBD (Cannabidiol) oil had completely cured a farmer’s daughter who was suffering from liver cancer in a mere span of 6-8 months. That situation and its results encouraged Oleg and his team to do more research about cannabis; specifically CBD and THC’s (Tetrahydrocannabinol) possible medicinal properties. By observing the CBD and THC’s physical and mental healing capabilities, Oleg decided to create a platform where people can come and learn more about cannabis.

Powerful Social Network to State the Usefulness of Cannabis

CannaSOS team fundamentally developed its social network into a huge, breathing tree which encompasses all parts of the cannabis industry like different tree branches. Today, at over 8100 strains, it is the largest North-American based strain database in the world and it is the only social hybrid platform for the global cannabis industry. Having the most detailed strain database, CannaSOS enables users to read and leave reviews on the positive and negative effects of cannabis treatment. The strain database allows users to see a specific strain and if was used by males or females, what age were the users, what specific medical conditions did the reviewer treat, what flavor and smell did they experience, what the average flowering time is of the strain, and much more. No other platform in the world has the information CannaSOS’ strain database provides. Presently, the Canada-based company has over 1100 businesses using its platform with over 330,000 members and over 3,750,000 users.

In today’s age of vast and scattered information, the main thing consumers need to be aware of is misinformation about marijuana strains because there are a lot of platforms out there that create fake reviews in order to increase their ranking on Google. This may lead to people trying weed which can extend to unexpected side effects. Most of the consumers talk about cannabis, and consider weed, cannabis, or marijuana as a general term because they don’t understand that weed comes in different strains with different effects, impacting every person differently. Thus, having a platform like CannaSOS that supplies this accurate knowledge to the consumer is really a great contribution to the society.

Improving the CannaSOS Platform by Considering Client Feedbacks

CannaSOS receives daily feedback from the user community which it utilizes to take the necessary steps to create the required module or feature. Whenever CannaSOS sees an opportunity to improve its social network, the team takes the opportunity. A recent example is the PerksCoin ICO (Initial Coin Offering) that was done by the CannaSOS team. The company received a lot of requests in regards to implementing an effective crypto payment system into the social network and realized the big opportunity in implementing blockchain technology. The team saw that this would help solve the company’s transaction crisis and as well as could be used to solve the problems currently faced by the cannabis industry. Q1 of 2018, the company raised the needed funds to implement the PTPWallet, launching November of 2018. With the PTPWallet, CannaSOS has reduced the current day-to-day stress of the long waiting time for a clients’ cryptocurrency payment to process. In November, this wallet will be used by businesses in most sectors, including the cannabis industry. Likewise, it offers an instant, fully anonymous ability to send crypto funds, with options to send funds via SMS and email, and with the ability for businesses to create a loyalty program that is applicable across the globe; in turn connecting users with businesses.

Father-Son Duo Leading CannaSOS to Touch the Success Skies

Started at the age of 16, Daniel Cheine, the Co-founder and son of the CEO and Founder, Oleg Cheine, works as an Account Manager at CannaSOS Corp. Since its establishment, Daniel has been working for CannaSOS in various departments, including accounting and business development, sales, and even customer service. In addition, while working around 90-100 hours a week, Daniel has been doing the role of business development by communicating with possible investors and marketing-related businesses. In his teens, Daniel worked long hours in hiring, training, and essentially pushing their sales team as per CannaSOS standards. Daniel and his father were also able to do the PerksCoin ICO with only two people and were still able to hit and surpass the soft cap. Nowadays, along with handling the tasks of BD, investor relations, and marketing, Daniel focuses on the overall development of CannaSOS.

Providing Accurate Information to Build Trust Among Users

Being the main holding company of a bunch of different projects including PTPWallet, CannaSOS has developed and trained a very creative and talented team. In the next 2 years, depending on the success of PTPWallet, CannaSOS aims to create at least 5 companies to expand its area of business. In addition, CannaSOS comprises over 14 different modules with the sheer data collection which no one in the industry operates on. The reliable and trusted platform, on which people can rely on for 100% real user reviews, is the key factor which differentiates CannaSOS from its competitors.

CannaSOS has a large member base that constantly makes the platform alive, and at the same time, push businesses to use CannaSOS advertising platform for marketing their services and products. While speaking about the effectiveness of CannaSOS platform, the Co-founder says, “If you like the platform, great! If not, you can provide some feedback and registration on the site is not a necessity, but, of course, you will gain access to many features and definitely learn a lot!

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