The 20 Best-Performing CEOs To Watch Out For In 2019

The technological breakthroughs have taken the business world a step ahead; shifting from older technologies, each aspect of the industries is changing the way it functions. Though innovations and technological changes allure to some, the majority of business entrepreneurs prefer traditional machinery. Being one of the early few adaptors in the field of robotics, Luis Villalon has spearheaded the use….
Elissa Freiha
Elissa Freiha: An Angel Investorpreneur, Empowering Businesswomen in the MENA Region
Listed by BBC as one of their “30 women under ...
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Sheri Atwood
Sheri Atwood: A Dynamic Leader Who Fought Back With The Fate
Sheri Atwood, the Founder and CEO of SupportPay is an ...
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Afshan Muneer
Afshan Muneer: Ameliorating the Human Resource Facilities for Aspirants and Organizations
Today’s cutthroat competition demands leadership that has an aggressive approach ...
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Alok Bhatia, canvas infotech
Alok Bhatia: A Pioneering Leader Providing a Pool of IT Talent
The modern staffing industry plays a major role in the ...
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Sanjay Poojary
Sanjay Poojary: Making a Sustainable Impact in the World with Water Management Solutions
The new advanced technologies are helping various industries in their ...
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Joshua Gould
Joshua Gould: Delivering Essential Defense Service Support to Significant Players in International Security
Born in a town of the UK, and shifted at ...
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Eugene Cheng
Eugene Cheng: Sparkling Brands with Intuitive Presentations at HighSpark
In the heat of competition amongst businesses across the world, ...
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Richard Lacle
Richard Lacle: Supplying and Integrating Specialized Equipment and Systems to Clients
Industrial engineers are multidisciplinary experts seated at the intersection of ...
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Carlo Izzo
Carlo Izzo: Creator Of A Tranquil Home For Guests At The Kolbe Hotel Rome
The Kolbe Hotel in Rome is aneye-catchy amalgamation of ancient architecture, traditions, ...
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Robin Lindahl
Robin Lindahl: Boosting Mining And Tunneling Operations With Knowledge And Technology
Since 2016, Robin Lindahl has been scaling up Normet, a ...
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Experts' Views

Deploying AI solution
Deploying AI solutions? Here are 5 risks to mitigate
Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems are proliferating across industries, moving away ...
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Sports Engineering organisation
How to gain control of sports data?
Nowadays you cannot read a magazine, or it contains an ...
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Health Insights

Artificial Pancreas for Diabetes
How the novel on-skin artificial pancreas can ease diabetes problems?
Diabetes is sixth leading cause of death.  According to WHO’s ...
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Tech Innovations

Transformative Gadgets
Inside CES 2019: Transformative Gadgets & Future Tech
Staged by Consumer Technology Association (CTA), Consumer Electronics Show (CES) ...
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